Oyster Peak

elevation: 2,777 m. height gain: 650 m. (from Hidden Lake campground)
area: Skoki Area,AB map 82 N/8-N/9

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
heading out

Boulder Pass ahead, the sun is coming up.
Scramble: RT 13.0 (including Skoki Mountain); 4.25 up from Hidden Lake campground. This preplanned trip involved staying at Hidden Lake campground. We had to bring our hounds to Lisa's Bed & Biscuit for a couple of nights. It rained quite hard from friday night well into the morning. I was worried the weather might not clear up for the trip but as the day progressed, the clouds lifted giving way to blue sky. We were unaware Highway 1 had closed due to a mud slide. With an already late start, we drove towards Radium to circumvent the closure. This added over 2 hours of driving and we barely made it to Lake Louise in time to pick-up our camping permit. We straddled our bikes at Fish Creek parking lot at 8 PM. The bike up wasn't too hard, in less than an hour we were at the trailhead. After stashing the bikes, a brisk pace ensued. We got to the campground with just enough daylight to set-up and eat supper. The night was cool; we woke up to frost on the ground. Under clear skies, we quickly got our stuff together and left for Baker Lake and Oyster Peak. With a light pack and a long loop (30 km) ahead of us, the pace was speedy. We continued past Baker Lake campground a short distance and left the trail to gain Oyster's south-west ridge. The scrambling up to the south summit is fun and easy. We signed the register and headed for the north summit. The straightforward traverse took an hour, we enjoyed it thoroughly. The summit block is more challenging; we went up the face and took an easier alternative route on the way down. After a short stay at the top, we followed the ridge back down to a good descent line (cairned). Fab led the way down and we reached the valley bottom without incident. The descent is not a pleasant scree run, choosing the right general area to come down can save a lot of grief... Back on the main trail, we plodded on towards our next objective.

Redoubt Mountain across Ptarmigan Lake.

marmot condo

Marmot's prime location along the lakeshore.

anthozoan and brachiopod

Anthozoan (left) and Brachiopod (center) beyond Baker Lake.

oyster peak

Oyster Peak's north and south summits.

south ridge ascent

Relatively short ascent.

baker lake

Looking back towards Baker Lake.

typical terrain

Easy scrambling to the south summit.

south summit

Almost there.

mount st bride

Mount St. Bride and an alpine lake filled with sediments.

oyster lake

Oyster Lake from the top, a favored site for grizzly bears.

ridge to north

The ridge to the north and true summit.

pleasant scrambling

Pleasant scrambling along the way.

summit block

The summit block, straight up the face or climber's left (to the big rock) and around.

up the face

Some moderate scrambling up the face.

at the top

At the top, yeah!!!!

view east

Impressive Mount Douglas (left) and Mount St. Bride.


Skoki Valley and Skoki Mountain to the right.

alternate descent

View of the easier alternative descent from the top; the big rock is above Fab's head.

on the ridge

Backtracking on the ridge.

down at the cairn

At the cairn, we start heading down.

some slabs

Picking our way through some slabs.

view up the slabs

The view up is short-sighted.


Approximate descent.

jonas pass

Jonas Pass on route to Skoki.

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