Owen, Mount (Traverse)

elevation: 3,087 m. height gain: 1,900 m.
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/7-8

Park at the Ottertail parking on the east side of the TransCanada highway, 314870. We biked for about 9 km and stashed our bikes in the bush, 391822. We proceeded to take a bearing, almost straight north (350) aiming for an avalanche path 300 m. higher, 394829. We followed the drainage to treeline, 396841 and gained a rib (loose shale). At 396845, we veered climber's left to gain the west ridge, 395849, which leads to the summit block, 403849. We used a snow lip and traversed to the north side to gain the peak. We came down the south-east ridge through a break in the cliff; a triangular gendarme offers a scree descent on either side, 410838. (We noted from this viewpoint that the west ridge appears more difficult if gained from lower down). The scree slopes lead to an adjacent drainage, 396833. We navigated easily through a few trees to return to the ascent drainage and down to our bikes.
where are we going

Taking a bearing at the start.

through the bush

In the forest without a view.
Alpine climb: RT 11.0; 7.0 up. The day started under clear sky but soon covered up which was fine considering the lack of water on this trip. The ascent drainage was bone dry at the time. There is an incredible variety of wild flowers and many marmots in the alpine. This loop is relatively straightforward; it requires great effort but rewards with a fantastic view on a lofty summit. The descent route is less exposed. Fab lost the quick release for his front wheel when he stashed his bike. It took us a while to find it; it's never over 'til it's over. This was an awesome and brutal trip!!!! Unfortunately we have misplaced most of the pictures for this outing, a section from Google Earth shows our approximate route.
google help

Google Earth view of our route from the west. 

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