Outram, Mount

elevation: 2,461 m.
height gain: 1,800 m.
area: Hope,BC
map 92 H/6

Ref: Hikes near Vancouver

long grind

After a long steep grind, the terrain opens up.
Scramble: Milan had been eyeing up this objective for a while, all we needed was his availability. Fortunately, we got an opportunity on BC Day long weekend and it coincided with great summer weather. We left friday afternoon and stayed at the quaint Swiss Chalet motel in Hope. The following morning, we drove to the trailhead and started hiking around noon. We were prepared for this long grind with heavy packs; we hiked at a steady pace and stopped regularly. The trail was easy to follow but monotonous right until the forest gave way to sub-alpine meadows. Colourful flowers and unfolding views made up for the lack of interest in the forest. After several hours, we reached the tarn by the foot of Mount Outram where there were a couple of tents already set up. We decided to hike to another tarn not far away; no one else was there. It was awesome to settle at such a beautiful place, the clear aqua green water was hard to resist. Following a delicious dinner, we rambled around our camp with tea at hand and sat to savour the sunset. The next day, we went up Mount Outram. The climb to the sub peak is very straightforward. I was excited to see that the true summit requires a bit of scrambling. We tackled the short section of moderate scrambling and stayed at the top for nearly an hour. Back at our tent, we enjoyed another wonderful afternoon by the tarn. Milan convinced me to swim with him to the opposite shore, the deeper water was quite cold but it sure felt rejuvenating. I think our time spent by the tarn was the highlight of this trip. Monday came too quick... We packed up after breakfast and hiked back down. Before returning home, we stopped by the river in Hope to bask in the sun; we also treated ourselves to a delicious veggie burger at the Home restaurant. This was a memorable weekend no doubt.

hiker's tarn

The tarn beyond the bump ahead is a popular location for hikers staying overnight.

other tarn

We chose to hike down to another tarn visible at the base of the open slope on the right.

beautiful tarn

This beautiful tarn is well worth the short side trip.

mount outram

Mount Outram is very close.

aqua green water

The clear aqua-green water is irresistable.

fabulous sunset

Fabulous sunset.

milan and i

I'm happy to share this moment with Milan.

fetching our food

Milan is fetching our food the following morning.

nice campsite

Our tent is the only one in sight on this long weekend!

the tarn

Staying by this tarn is the highlight of our trip.

delightful hiking

Delightful hiking towards Mount Outram.

looking back

Looking back.

silvertip mountain

To the south, Silvertip Mountain pokes through the clouds.

outram's false summit

Mount Outram's false summit comes into view on the left.

descending from false summit

Milan is descending from the false summit.


Scrambling to the true summit.


Straightforward but slightly exposed in places.

looking back at south summit

Looking back at the false summit from the top.

south-western view

South-western view with Mount Green and Eaton Peak in the foreground.

western view

Western view over Johnson Peak towards Hope Mountain.

view north

Mount Manson to the north.

leaving true summit

Leaving the north summit.

great getaway

We liked this backcountry getaway.

heading down

All packed up and heading back down.
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