Olive, Mount

elevation: 3,130 m. height gain: 1,160 m.
area: Wapta Icefield,AB map 82 N/9-10

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields
approach to bow hut

Heading in the canyon.
Ski mountaineering: We stayed at Bow Hut and were lucky to have it to ourselves. We brought all kinds of "extras" like a honeydew melon and cake; it's Fab's birthday. The next day we headed out towards the Saint Nicholas/Olive col, where we left our skis. The temperature was mild and when the sun came out it was quite hot. After a very nice break at the col, we followed the snowy ridge to the summit. At that point, I surprised Fab by pulling out birthday hats out of my pack for the summit pictures.
jimmy simpson in the background

Self-timed picture above the canyon.

headwall before the hut

Our tripod, two skis.

summit ridge

At the col with Olive behind.

fab's day

King of the hill...

awesome view

Is there a better way to celebrate?
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