Ochre Peak GR:577723

elevation: 2,777 m. height gain: 1,350 m.
area: Kootenay Park,BC map 82 N/1

Ref: Soistheman's Digital Diary
first trailhead

We started at the Paint Pots trailhead but a missing bridge had us reroute our trip.
Scramble: RT 9.75; 5.5 up. Always in search of a good glissade, So's trip report on this outing raised some genuine interest. Charles and Raff were also keen to come along for this one. We met at the Paint Pots parking lot and got on the way swiftly. We conversed as we hiked along the good trail. Shortly after leaving the trailhead, we reached the Vermilion River and realized the bridge was out. Crossing the fast flowing river was out of the question; hence, we started to discuss plan B. Another scramble in the area was mentioned but as we looked at the map, we noticed a connecting trail leaving from Marble Canyon; this detour would save the day! We drove off to Marble Canyon's parking lot with restored hope. The connecting trail is in good shape; the 3-kilometer detour is pleasant and didn't feel long. Once on the Ochre Creek Trail, we resumed our trek towards the objective. The ascent gully is very obvious from the trail, we were pleased to see snow very close by. We reached the firm snow and enjoyed the straightforward ascent. Higher up, the snow was a bit softer; some of us chose to trek on rubble while others remained on the snow; either way, travelling got tougher. We were happy to reach the ridge crest. We booted up the final snow slope to the top and dropped our gear for a good summit stay. The view is fantastic, it does not disappoint. We took numerous pictures and celebrated with a shot of Jägermeister! The top part of the descent was superb as we glissaded the steep soft snow, feeling like kids on a ride! Lower down, the snow was rocky and bumpy but I went as far as I could. Once on the trail, we peeled layers and took another fine break before the plod back. We really liked this outing, even with the detour!
second trailhead

"Take 2", from Marble Canyon.

vermilion river

Vermilion River.

connecting trail

On the good trail that connects Marble Canyon and the Ochre Creek Trail.

ochre spring

A small ochre spring.

skull and bones

Skull and bones!

ochre peak

Ochre Peak from the trail, the snow isn't far away.

firm snow

Stepping onto the firm snow highway.

looking back

Looking back.

easy travelling

Easy travelling and straightforward ascent.

sharing stories

Sharing stories along the way.

sun is out

The sun comes out and the drizzle stops.

uninterrupted gully

The snow gully is uninterrupted.

almost at the ridge

Almost at the ridge crest.

looking back

Looking back at the continuous snow to valley bottom.

summit slope

Summit slope.

at the top

Last steps to the top with Stanley Peak in the background.

summit shot

Summit shot.

wolverine pass

Wolverine Pass (center) connects Mount Gray (south) and Mount Drysdale (north).

northern view

Northern view with some of the Ten Peaks.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

long glissade

Glissading as far as I can!

last glimpse

Last glimpse, the top is at the far end, climber's left.

thumbs up!

Self explanatory.

cool skull

Cool skull.
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