Noyes, Mount

elevation: 3,083 m. height gain: 1,375 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/15

Ref: Eric Coulthart in the Canadian Rockies
the way up

The key is finding the way to the upper draw.
Scramble: RT 9.5; 4.25 up. This trip is a must, we enjoyed it from start to end! The view from the top is magnificent and the scrambling is straightforward. The key is to find the right drainage and path through some rockbands in order the gain the upper draw. After parking at a crescent (slightly past the campground overflow), we walked up the highway (north) for about 300 meters to the proper drainage, 287394. Fab built a cairn and there is a culvert. We followed the creek on the left side. As we climbed, we progressively got higher above the creek but we remained near the canyon's edge. Upon reaching the rockbands, we decided to skirt them to an easier option to the left. We found a weakness in the beige rockband and proceeded to ascend the following gray bluffs going climber's right. Back on gentler terrain, we veered back towards the proper drainage's edge. We liked the hiking to treeline and it only gets better nearing the draw. A lovely meadow makes way to the rocky basin and spanning headwall. The way around the headwall is obvious, climber's left up a scree slope and across the mountainside towards the summit ridge (a distinctively huge boulder marks the traverse). From there, the summit block is very close. We ascended on snow towards the crux gully, with crampons going was good. The gully was easy with snow and we quickly reached the summit. We were amazed at both the view and the weather. Once again we were blessed with an awesome summit stay. But, all good things come to an end... We left the top to face the eventual drive back home. Returning was fast, glissading the whole upper mountain. Even the scree slope down to the basin was sweet but much too short. We couldn't resist another break at the meadow and a side trip to the base of a waterfall. This was a fine day in the mountains.
culvert and cairn

A small cairn and a culvert indicate the ascent drainage.

first rockbands

We skirted the rockbands to the left and found a weakness to easily ascend.

beige rockband

Ascending the beige rockband right of the outcrop.

gray bluffs

Making our way through the following gray bluffs.


Along the way, a superb waterfall comes into view.

mistaya lake

Looking back at Mistaya Lake.

upper draw

The upper draw.


Nearing the basin and headwall.


Mount Noyes above the headwall, the scree slope is to the left.

scree slope

The scree slope.

top of the scree

Near the top of the scree slope, we head for the distinctively huge boulder.

the boulder

The distinctive boulder.

upper mountain

Welcome to the upper mountain.

snowy travel

Travel on snow is good.


Close to the summit block.

at the crux

At the crux gully.

up the gully

Climbing the gully.

south west view

Looking back again, Barbette and Breaker Mountains to the south-west.

near the top

A couple of minutes away from the top.

bust a move

I bust a move on Noyes!

south view

Mount Weed and Peyto Lake to the right.

looking north

Unfamiliar mountains towards the David Thompson Highway.

down the gully

Heading down the gully.

avalanche jo

Stepping away from loose moving snow.

off the upper mountain

Traversing back to the huge boulder.

scree run

At the top of a fine scree run to the basin below.

fine meadow

Lovely meadow with an exceptional view of Howse, White Pyramid and Chephren.


This waterfall is worth a little detour.

down the beige rockband

Above the weakness in the beige rockband.
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