Noseeum Peak GR:490224

elevation: 3,002 m. height gain: 1150 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/9

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies

The waterfalls come in view, we ascended the treed terrain.
Scramble: RT 9.5; 4.5 up. Fab and I felt burned out from harvesting firewood the last weekends. During the last weeks, we bucked, split (by hand) and stacked that wood after work; to say we were sore and tired is an understatement! We agreed to take a respite from the hard labor and go replenish our spirits in the mountain. After reading Marko's trip report on Noseeum Peak, we decided it would be a great place to visit. We parked at a pull next to Noseeum Creek (same as for Mount Andromache) and found a trail on the south side of the drainage. The trail runs along the creek and leads to the waterfalls at the headwall. We opted to ascend the treed slopes left of the waterfalls. Numerous game trails exist; they weave around small bluffs encountered along the way. Once at the crest of the headwall, the ascent gully to the summit ridge appears. We continued across grassy terrain towards a large grey mound. The landscape is delightful; as we gained height, Noseeum Lake came into view. Pleasant trekking led us to the gully where talus slopes turn to loose rubble. Firm ground on the sides helps going up and the scree grants an effortless quick run down. The summit ridge is straightforward, mostly a walk. We casually hiked to the top taking advantage of the outstanding weather and views. This outing was exactly what we needed!
typical terrain

Typical terrain.

small bluffs

Small bluffs to navigate around.

crest of the headwall

Nearing the crest of the headwall.

ascent gully visible

Right away, the ascent gully to the summit ridge is visible.

summit in view

The summit is at the right.

writing in sand

Fab is writing in the sand before we ascend the gully.

seeking firm ground

Seeking firmer ground near the rockwall.

top of the gully

Top part of the gully.

noseeum lake

Looking at Noseeum Lake.

summit ridge

Starting on the summit ridge.

mount hector in the distance

Mount Hector behind Molar Glacier and Mount Andromache.


The summit ridge is lovely and offers sublime scenery.

mostly a walk

Mostly a walk here!

summit ahead

Summit ahead.

at the top

At the top, grateful for this fantastic late summer day.

molar mountain

Molar Mountain to the south-east.

dolomite peak

Dolomite Peak's distinctive form.

leaving the top

Reluctantly leaving.


Wishing our dogs were here to enjoy this snowpatch...

gully at the foot of the buttress

The access gully is located at the foot of the steep buttress ahead.

ascent gully

Reaching the ascent gully.

beautiful landscape

Beautiful landscape.


Traversing back towards the waterfalls.

down the headwall

Descending the treed headwall.

weaving around bluffs

Weaving around small bluffs.

looking back

Looking back at the treed slope next to the waterfall.

decent trail

Resuming the trek on a decent trail.
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