Normandy Peak (ExCoelis Mountain) GR:448662

elevation: 2,454 m. height gain: 415 m. (from Ardennes Peak)
area: David Thompson Highway,AB map 83 C/1

Ref: Eric Coulthart in the Canadian Rockies
normandy peak

Normandy Peak from the top of Ardennes Peak.
Scramble: RT 9.5 (includes Ardennes Peak); 50 minutes up. Normandy Peak is an easy ascent from the Normandy-Ardennes Col and it's a short distance away making it hard to pass up! Since the weather was nice and Charles didn't mind waiting at the col after twisting his knee, Fabrice and I decided to give it a go. The toughest part was the snowbound connecting saddle, the snow in the trees was mostly supportive but when it wasn't, we postholed right to ground. Above treeline, we ascended dry ground going left around vertical slabs. Our summit stay was relatively short, Charles was waiting below. Once reunited, we backtracked in the drainage still on firm snow and carried on down the gully past our earlier traverse. We were thrilled to be able to follow the creekbed to the rubble in the forest we'd seen in the morning. This was a very nice outing, we'll have to come back and attempt Stan Waters Peak!
the objective

The objective from the treed col.

easy terrain

Ascending easy terrain.

ardennes peak

Ardennes Peak.

circumventing slabs

Circumventing slabs climber's left.



looking back

Looking back.

summit ahead

Last bit, the top is just ahead.

whoot, whoot

Whoot, whoot!

ardennes up close

A close look at Ardennes Peak, hard to believe we just went there!

stand waters and rhine peaks

Stan Waters (left) and Rhine Peaks.

abraham lake

Elliot Peak and Abraham Lake to the north.

heading down

Heading down.

following the drainage

Just following the drainage.

looking back up

Looking back up.

back at the ascent gully

Back at the snow-filled ascent gully.

good times

Good times.

rejoined with charles

Rejoined with Charles, we continued down the drainage instead of backtracking on our earlier traverse.

the gully grants good access

The gully grants good access.


Bushwhacking back to the trail.


Approaching the suspension bridge.

normandy and ardennes peaks

Normandy (left) and Ardennes Peaks.
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