Niblock, Mount

elevation: 2,976 m. height gain: 1,250 m.
area: Lake Louise,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
at the teahouse

At the Lake Agnes Teahouse early morning.
Scramble: RT 9.0; 4.5 up. Fabrice is on vacation and the weather has been fantastic. I couldn't resist taking another day off to come visit the beautiful Lake Louise area. This was our third try at Mount Niblock, the first two attempts were ski trips from the BC side. We were stormed out on the first attempt and turned around about 30 meters from the summit because of meringue-like cornices on the second. The trip up Niblock Col in the winter is quite an outing by itself, it ventures into big terrain... For this trip, we planned an early start to beat the heat and traffic. We met Charles at the parking lot; he admits that he's getting hooked on scrambling! We soon reached stunning Lake Agnes; I love turquoise lakes, I wish they were warmer. At the end of the lake, where we leave the trail, the route up the mountain comes in view. A good trail leads to the rockband's weakness. From there, cairns and bits of trail indicate the way to the col; several lines exist. Mount Whyte looks uninviting, it's not on the agenda today... Once at the col, we were familiar with the terrain, we wasted no time and gained the summit ridge just ahead of the top. We continued to the summit and stayed for quite a while.
leaving the popular trail

Leaving the popular trail behind with Mount Niblock ahead of us.

scree cone

Ascending the scree cone.

weakness in the rockband

The obvious weakness in the rockband.

mountain goat

A mountain goat is scrutinizing us.

lots of cairns

A path and several cairns indicate the way.

scrambly bit

An occasional scrambly bit.

mount st-piran

Mount St-Piran as we near the crest of the rockband.

trekking on snow

Trekking on snow before the traverse climber's right.

traversing the mountainside

Traversing the mountainside towards climbable terrain.

making our way up

Making our way up to the col.

following cairns

Following cairns and sections of trail here and there.

mount whyte

Intimidating Mount Whyte from the col.

starting up the summit block

Starting up Mount Niblock.

banded rock outcrop

Beautifully banded rock outcrop, we went climber's left of it.

traverse past another outcrop

Beyond the banded outcrop, we continued our traverse past another outcrop.

climbing to the ridge crest

Climbing to the ridge crest.

summit is revealed

Further up, the summit is revealed (center).

almost there

Almost there.

at the top


view north

Northern view.

leaving the top

Leaving after a fine summit stay.



mount victoria

View towards Mount Victoria and Pope's Peak.

lakes agnes and Louise

Lakes Agnes and Louise stand out in the landscape.

back on snow

Back on snow.

down the rockband

Down the rockband.

not much route finding

Not much route finding involved.

nearing the popular trail

Nearing the popular trail, which is very busy by now!
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