Nelson, Mount

elevation: 3,315 m. height gain: 1,990 m.
area: Invermere,BC map 82 K/8

Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley.
smoky morning

The sun rising through the smoke.
Scramble: RT 10.0; 6.0 up. Yet another sunny weekend! The timing was great for this long scramble on a tall mountain. The trail is easy to follow; after an hour and a half we took a break at the "rest spot" mentioned in the book. Soon thereafter (20-30 min.), we came to a junction and took the right hand fork. It descends a little but mostly contours into the draw. Out of the trees, Nelson still appears distant but travel is nice on a faint trail near the creek bed. From the upper basin, the ascent towards the south-east ridge is discernable; however, the final section is tougher to figure out. We started up in the gully and veered climber's right on ledges to reach the talus slopes. At the ridge, the way up became apparent. The "second gully" at the summit block was much easier than anticipated; the traverse leading to it is very short. The last stretch is pleasant and within minutes, the metal cross is in sight. Highly recommended outing on a lofty summit. Straightforward with minimal exposure, more moderate than difficult.
out of the trees

Breaking out of the trees, Mount Nelson comes into view.


Looking back the valley is filled with smoke.


Further in the draw.

in the draw

Heading towards the upper basin.

what's ahead

Near a snowpatch, we took a break before the scrambling.

a closer look

A closer look at the route to the south-east ridge.

initial gully

The leftmost gully gets steep higher up; we veered climber's right.

talus slopes

Talus slopes above the gullies. The trail skirts the left side of the black buttress (center).

upper talus

The summit block reveals itself as we head towards the ridge.

before the ridge

Just before the ridge. "Second ascent gully" on the left.

summit block

The summit block from the south-east ridge.


Sultana Peak.

last stretch

Last short section before the top.

Fab at the top

Fab and the famous metal cross.


A clear view towards Mount Farnham and Farnham Tower with Red Line Peak in the foreground.

panorama in the smoke

Obstructed view down the valley towards Panorama Ski Resort.

south east ridge

The south-east ridge from the summit block on the way down.

second gully down

Above the "second gully".

descent route

Looking down the easy second gully, straight below is the ascent slope.

short traverse

The very short traverse to the south-east ridge.

aiming for scree

Heading back in finer scree.

before the basin

Above the initial ascent gully.

muddy water on ice

If only it was iced-cappuccino.
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