Needle Peak

elevation: 2,095 m.
height gain: 890 m.
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Outdoor Vancouver

needle peak

After a steep climb in the forest, Needle Peak comes into view.
Scramble: RT 6.0; 2.25 up. After a restful night at the Falls Lake trailhead, I awoke to a decent day. The cloud level was low but blue hue was discernable through the cover. I decided to go ahead and give Needle Peak's scramble a try. I drove to the Zopkios Rest Area and located the designated parking on the south side of the highway. I was hiking soon thereafter. The trail in the forest is rooty and steep at first, it delivers to subalpine terrain within an hour. From there, Needle peak comes into view and the path pleasantly follows rolling ground towards the objective. Smooth rock dots the trail through open forest; in places, there's more than one way but they all lead to the saddle between Needle Peak and The Flatiron. The final ascent along the west ridge grants straightforward class 3 scrambling. There's a roped section that offers a bit of a challenge but it's not exposed. I enjoyed the ridge's solid rounded rock, too bad the climb isn't any longer. Once at the top, low-lying clouds obstructed the view just like the previous day on Zoa Peak; I had the summit to myself so I hung out before heading down. Retracing my steps was easy. Back at the rope, I encountered hikers on their way up; I waited while they negotiated the crux. The rest of the hike down was delightful and peaceful despite the sound of traffic. The mountains remained shrouded by clouds.

pleasant hiking

Pleasant hiking on rolling terrain.

nice trail to the saddle

Smooth rock dots the trail on the way to the Needle-Flatiron Saddle.

ascent ridge

Needle Peak's west ridge.

firm blocky rock

Firm rounded rock.

roped section

The roped section.

looking down

Looking down.

upper crux

Last bit of the crux.

summit block

The summit block ahead.

looking back

Looking back again.

reduced visibility

Visibility is greatly reduced higher up.

neat nook

Standing in a neat nook.

fun scrambling

Fun scrambling to the top.



markhor's connecting ridge

The connecting ridge to Markhor Peak grants a class 4 scramble.

zero visibility

Zero view, ...déjà vue!

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

sun wants to come out

The sun wants to come out.


The Flatiron is engulfed in cloud.

beyon the approach

The mountains beyond the highway are also obscured.

roped area

Back at the roped section.

at the saddle

Taking another break at the saddle before resuming my descent.
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