Narao Peak

elevation: 2,974 m. height gain: 1,225 m.
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/8

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Narao from the highway.
Scramble: RT 10.5. We did not research this trip and underestimated it. This was not an outing for the pooch but luckily for us we had a third member with us and we were able to take turns at the summit. The weather was less than perfect: foggy and drizzly but fairly mild. At the initial buttress along the ridge, Fab pointed out a traverse climber's right across scree and snow. Eventually we were back on the ridge and faced with another buttress. We circumvented this one by traversing to the right again on a moderately wide scree bench before reaching less exposed terrain. This whole traverse made me nervous as we focused on keeping Winston close. Once on the ridge again, we soon came up to the crux. We decided Winston would not proceed any further; we set him up for a comfortable stay. Val went on ahead to the top while we stayed behind noticing the deteriorating weather. When Val returned, we set off. Fab had to coax me up a few awkward bits and soon thereafter we were following a row of cairns! Wow, if only we could see. By now it's raining and the ceiling is dropping, like pea soup; it's like the mountain is chasing us back down. We didn't stay at the top, quite worried about Winston most likely cold and anxious; poor doggy. Filled with guilt we returned and assured our pooch a safe return to the very mossy ground. Perhaps we will go again on a clear day to soak in the view that we missed, leaving Winston at home will make this scramble a lot more enjoyable!
a closer look

A closer look, the top is hidden behind the false summit.

lower slopes

Treed terrain is not bad.

wapta lake

Coming out of the trees, West Louise Lodge below.

out of the trees

Scree ascent to the ridge.

around the buttress

The route up around the first buttress.

scree slope

Looking down the scree slope.

the first buttress

First buttress and the summit on the left. Picture taken on an attempt in 96.

going around

Going around climber's right.

typical terrain

Typical terrain.

on the ridge

On the ridge.

traverse on scree

Traversing climber's right below cliff bands to circumvent another buttress.

more traverse

Scree bench between cliff bands.

the crux

The crux.

val along the ridge

Val along the ridge, we wait for our turn.

near the top

Looking towards Popes Peak from the crux.

final slope

Quick final ascent from the false summit.

looking down

Looking down the east side.

false summit

False summit ridge.

across snow

Coming down.

more snow

This traverse on snow brought us back around the initial buttress.

lower down

Lower down the mountain.
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