Nak Peak

elevation: 2,009 m.
height gain: 785 m.
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Steven's Peak-Bagging Journey

unnamed pull-off

This unnamed pull-off is just east of the Zopkios Rest Area.
Ski touring: RT 4.0; 2.25 up. Nak Peak is a popular ski tour in the Coquihalla Region. When the opportunity arose and avalanche hazard was at its lowest, I decided to venture that way. Ski touring isn't an activity I typically do solo but I felt okay doing this trip alone as I trusted snow stability and there was a strong possibility of other skiers being present. Furthermore, this straightforward ski tour is very direct and most likely the shortest one around. I drove out early morning and made it to the unnamed pull-out in 2.5 hours; there were already several vehicles parked. The weather was nice and I was thrilled to be undertaking my first ski tour in this area. I followed the obvious uptrack and gained height fairly quickly. It was great to see these mountains under a blanket of snow. Higher up, clouds rolled in and it began to snow a little. I didn't mind, the scenery was just as beautiful with the sun filtering through the fast-moving clouds. I stayed at the top for over half an hour before putting my skis on. The skiing at treeline was actually very pleasant but I wish there would have been more freshies on the lower terrain. The loose snow was mostly ankle-deep but near the bottom the conditions would have been best described as "dust on crust". I really enjoyed Nak Peak, it is a short tour but far from boring; it's quite steep!

short approach

Very short approach on the cutline.

climbing steeply

Climbing steeply from the get-go.

typical terrain

Typical terrain.

looking back

Looking back.

ascent route

The ascent route I followed veered skier's left to access Nak's western aspect.

nice open terrain

Climbing nice open terrain towards a saddle.

yak's double summit

Yak Peak's double summit behind a highpoint.

nak peak

Nak Peak from the saddle.

zoa peak

It looks like the north side of the saddle could grant a delightful ski down towards Falls Lake.

beautiful scenery

Beautiful scenery along the way.

yak peak

Yak Peak from higher up.

markhor and needle peaks

Markhor and Needle Peaks across the highway.

standing on the summit

Standing on the summit.

sun filtering through clouds

The sun filters through the cloud layers.

yak's vertical north face

Yak Peak's 400-meter vertical north face is apparently still unclimbed!

thar peak

To the east, Thar Peak is another popular ski tour.

enjoyable skiing

A bit of fresh snow higher up made skiing enjoyable.

needle still obscured

The summits of Markhor and Needle Peaks remained obscured.

powder isn't deep

Powder isn't deep but still nice nonetheless.

last decent turns

Last decent turns before traversing back on the lower southern slopes.
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