Murray, Mount

elevation: 3,023 m. height gain: 355 m. (from Cegnfs)
area: Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB map 82 J/11-14

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Mount Murray from the col.
Scramble: RT 8.0 (including Cegnfs); 1.5 up. Sitting on top of Cegnfs, Fab and I enjoyed both the view and the weather. Our experience coming up did not rank among our favorites though... Mount Murray is striking and looked promisingly better. There is a trail guiding to the summit block. After a good break, we dipped down to the col and started climbing. The trail is easy to follow and facilitates hiking. Once over on the south-west aspect, I recognized the ascent chimney. Loose rubble leads to it. The summit awaits soon after emerging from the chimney. The sights from the top are awesome, it is a good place to kick back for a while. On the way down, we were happy to bypass Cegnfs. We continued towards a drainage which turned out to be the route described in several trip reports. We stayed above the creek bed (climber's right) and made our way down some easy bluffs to the rocky drainage below. This drainage brought us back to the trail quickly. 

Looking back at Cegnfs.

climbing murray

Behind Fab is the traverse above the cliffs to bypass Cegnfs.

nearing the summit block

Murray's summit block.

a bit of snow

We hugged the rock climber's left.

chimney ahead

A huge snowdrift points to the chimney.


Easy going.

almost there

A trail zigzags to the top.

looking north

Northern view.

at the top

Yeah, second summit today!


Already coming down.

same way down

About to enter the chimney ahead.


The chimney.

nearing treeline

Traversing Cegnfs.

could this be the right drainage?

Continuing above the creek bed (climber's right).

proper drainage

We finally find the proper drainage heading out.
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