Mosquito Peak (Mosquito Range Traverse North)

elevation: 4,200 m. height gain: 145 m. (from Kuss Peak)
area: Leadville,Colorado,USA map USGS 1:24,000 Climax, CO

mosquito peak

Mosquito Peak is summit #2 of the 5-peak traverse.
Hike: RT 8.75 (includes Kuss Peak, Treasurevault Mountain, Mounts Tweto and Arkansas); 40 minutes up from Kuss Peak. I started to feel the heat of the sun on this fantastic windless bluebird day. I really appreciated the fine weather and the beautiful views all around me, especially after all the unstable weather since my arrival and the reduced visibility on the previous hikes. The Sawatch giants stood out, including Mount of the Holy Cross. It was amazing to see mountains as far as the eyes can see, all plastered in snow; I also clearly recognized Pikes Peak in the distance to the east. It was neat to be able to name many of these mountains, I guess I'm getting familiar with the Mosquito and Sawatch Ranges following several climbs and visits to Leadville. The saddle between Kuss and Mosquito isn't significant so I reached the ranked 13er a short time after leaving Kuss Peak. On the ascent, I skirted the rocks using firm drift-snow on the lee side; that made travel fast and efficient. From the top, the traverse to the following summits looked quite easy. I stayed on Mosquito Peak briefly before venturing to peak #3, Mount Treasurevault.
mount massive

Mount Massive beyond Prospect Mountain.

short and sweet

The ascent is short and sweet.

view north

View north towards peaks #3-4 and 5.

mount of the holy cross

Impressive Mount of the Holy Cross (middle) over Buckeye Peak.

14ers to the north-east

14ers (orange) to the north-east.

eastern view

Eastern view towards Fairplay, Pikes Peak is visible in the far distance.

looking back at kuss peak

Looking back at Kuss Peak and other peaks of the Mosquito Range.

sawatch giants

Sawatch giants to the south-west.

the col is scared from mining

The col between Mosquito and Treasurevault is heavily scarred by past mining activity.

drilling machine

A portable drilling machine.

air compressor

An air compressor or a hot dog stand.

treasurevault mountain is up next

My next objective is Treasurevault Mountain, peak #3.

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