Morton Peak (Mara Mountain Lookout) GR:700253

elevation: 2,245 m.
height gain: 675 m. (from GR:720217)
area: Sicamous,BC
map 82 L/15

Ref: Steven's Peak-Bagging Journey

snow on the road

Snow stopped me from going further.
Hike: RT 6.5; 3.5 up. The weather forecast for this weekend was dismal everywhere, so I picked an objective close to home. Morton Peak has a road that climbs to a lookout; that seemed simple enough. My truck was out of the shop and was running well; I wasn't concerned about it giving me trouble on the service road. As I drove to the trailhead, the drizzle turned to light snow. Even though precipitation stopped when I started hiking, visibility was next to nil; I couldn't see anything other than surrounding trees. Due to abundant snow higher up, it was tough to follow the road. I decided to ascend the mountainside directly using my GPS to assist with direction. The snow was firm allowing easy travel without snowshoes. I noticed the lookout only when I got to within 50 meters of it. I entered the shelter and had lunch, staying for quite some time, waiting for the clouds to lift. I contemplated extending my trek to neighbouring Mount Mara but with the predicted deteriorating weather, I decided to forgo that idea. When I started heading down, visibility improved; I could see the terrain I travelled earlier on. The multi-layered clouds added mood while the occasional blue hole brought warmth; however, it wasn't long before it started to snow again. I'm looking forward to coming back this way for a visit up Mount Mara, hopefully on a clear day, to enjoy the surrounding landscape and get a view.

fresh snow

Fresh snow blankets the trees.

where's the road

I can barely tell where the road is.

leaving the road

Leaving the road for a direct ascent.

following rising terrain

Following rising terrain.

gps is an asset

A GPS is an asset in these conditions.

lookout is obscured

I couldn't see the lookout until I was almost right by it.

challenging with zero visibility

Short easy hike made more challenging with zero visibility.

inside the lookout

Inside the lookout.

nearby lookouts

Map of nearby lookouts.

eastern view

The eastern view.

view south

View south.

dunno which direction this is

I don't know which direction this is...

mount mara

...just kiddin', that's looking south-west towards Mount Mara.

the lookout

The lookout needs a paint job.

leaving the lookout

Leaving the lookout with improved visibility.

mabel lake

Mabel Lake comes into view.

looking back

Looking back at the summit.

blue sky came and went

Blue sky came and went.



snowing again

It's snowing lightly again.
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