Morrowmount GR:279669

elevation: 2,530 m. height gain: 1,220 m.
area: Exshaw,AB map 82 O/3

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
stunning place

Entering Jura Canyon.
Scramble: RT 9.5; 4.5 up. We were blessed with the best conditions for this trip. Jura Canyon was bedded with thick, smooth ice. We walked cautiously but with ease through this amazing canyon until it widened. The ice led to a dry creek bed; we used trails as much as possible. We encountered snow in the last kilometer up Jura Creek, it wasn't deep and some of it was still firm. At the junction, we were thrilled to see the gully (climber's right) was filled with snow. We opted for this easier option although unsure if it connected at the ridge crest. The snow ascent was easy and uninterrupted. Nearing the upper gully, we picked our way through grey bands to reach the saddle. While ascending to the top, Fab noticed an easy transition to the snow gully. We chose that way upon return. At the top, the absence of wind was definitely noticeable. In good spirits, I continued to the north summit for a few pictures. Back at the lower summit, we hung out for almost an hour and a half! I must admit, I don't recall that many summits that offered such an embrace!
awesome ice path

Smooth ice bound by polished rock.

very nice

The thick ice highway continues along the canyon.

a long way to go

Out of the canyon our objective is in sight, far away.

neat rock

More interesting rock with tiny water pools.

water pools

A better look at the frozen water pools in the slab rock.

getting closer

Making good progress and enjoying this lovely day.


At the junction, we decided to climb on firm snow in the south gully instead of the shale rib.

great option

Looking down at the junction.


Easy plodding on uninterrupted snow.

more gully

Higher up we veered left through the grey bands.

should have stayed on the snow

Staying close to the grey rock, we approach the saddle.

nearing the top

The last stretch to the south summit is pleasant.

almost there

Happy to be here, the air is warm and still.


A good view of Wendell's ascent route from the top.


Yamnuska looks small from here.

north summit

The quick traverse to the north summit.

looking back

At the north summit, apparently 1 meter higher!

small cairn

The small cairn and Wendell Mountain behind.


Mount Fable (center) beyond Exshaw Ridge.

heading back

Returning to the south summit for a really good break.

snow gully

Before reaching the saddle, we went straight for the snow gully.

from below

Last look from the creek bed.

return on creek bed

Our hike out was nice. We took the time to enjoy this trip.
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