Mist Mountain

elevation: 3,140 m. height gain: 1,050 m.
area: Highwood Pass,AB map 82 J/10

Ref: Gillean Daffern's Kananaskis Country Trail Guide.
lovely terrain

There's some ice pellets on the trail from a storm last night.
Scramble: 3.5 hrs up. Winston led us up pretty much the whole way; there is a nice easy trail to follow. The weather stayed dry although dark clouds rolled in later in the day. The wind was gusty at the top. We descended the south facing bowl on a good scree run and met the trail lower down. This outing on a tall mountain in the Kananaskis Country was truly enjoyable. This route (via the south-east bowl/ridge) is an easier alternative to  Alan Kane's routes.

looking south

Looking south towards Odlum Ridge.

near the col

At the col before traversing towards the south-east bowl.


Mist's false summit from the col.

summit plod

Going up the easy ridge to the summit.

at the top

Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Good boy Winston, you did a great job.

on the way down

On the way down.
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