Miner's Peak GR:124574

elevation: 2,427 m. height gain: 755 m.
area: Canmore,AB map 82 O/3

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken

Trailhead and well-trodden trail.
Scramble: RT 4.0; 2.0 up. This is a good scramble for this time of the year. The busy trail is most likely packed down throughout the winter season, that's a bonus! We left the trailhead at 10 AM, it was windy but the temperature was mild. We carried snowshoes, crampons and axe to get accustomed to some extra weight. At treeline the scenery unfolds and the col is near. From the col, the surrounding summits are very close. Many hikers easily combine Ha Ling and Miner's Peak; we visited Ha Ling 15 years ago so we opted to bypass the popular viewpoint. The ascent to the Miner's summit cairn is brief and the view does not disappoint. We also included a short trek to the Three Miners only 20 minutes away. The gusting winds were not as much of a hindrance as we expected... This short, easy objective is a joy!

At treeline with the Three Miners ahead.

nearing the col

Gaining the col.

ha ling

Ha Ling Peak is very close.

miner's peak ahead

Miner's Peak ahead on my left.

summit ridge

Looking at the tri-summit from Miner's short summit ridge.

last bit

Last few steps to the top.


Canmore from the top.

top of miner's

Fab next to the summit cairn.

possible ski descent

A ski descent is possible with really good conditions.

leaving the top

Leaving for the Three Miners.


Another look at Miner's Peak on the quick extension.


Second Miner.

third miner

Third and highest Miner.


Too windy to hang out we leave for shelter.


The saddle is a decent place for a break.
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