McMillan, Mount

elevation: 2,204 m. height gain: 320 m.
area: Skookumchuck,BC map 82 G/13-J/4 (approach)

On the west side of highway 93/95, just north of Canal Flats, follow Findlay Creek road. Turn left, heading south, at the Skookumchuck FSR intersection (just past the 8 km marker on the road). The drive on the main service road is long as it runs along and around the south end of Mount Allen. After a switchback, 806395, the road heads south again and drops down to valley floor. Continue on the main until you reach an intersection, 773362. Turn left and cross Skookumchuck Creek over the old bridge; the following section is not indicated on the topo map. The road skirting the south side of the creek is overgrown with alder but the road surface is good. At a switchback, 742355, the road now heads east towards Bradford Creek. As it climbs up the drainage, the alder subsides. Continue on the grassy road to a subtle left branch, 725285. Drive down and across Bradford Creek to the west flank of Mount McMillan. Look for a branch road going up to some cutblocks, 724270. Drive a little extra to a T-intersection, which is a good location to park, 727269. This approach requires a high clearance vehicle. Hike up the road partway (north) and head straight up through light timber. The grade eases to a very broad treed summit plateau. Walk to the highest point for a good view of the Kootenay Valley.
an official bump

Mount McMillan from a landing at the end of the access road.

leaving the camp

We parked and camped at the T-intersection.
Hike: 1.25; 0.75 up. The forecast called for good weather on monday. After a lovely loop up Bradford yesterday, we were looking forward to walking the hounds up Mount McMillan before the long drive back to Golden. It rained all night and we awoke to an unsettled sky. Fab was not keen on suiting up the dogs for another jaunt and risking injury. I asked if he minded me going quickly before breakfast; and so I went... I couldn't resist the ascent to the official bump, especially after coming all the way out here!
quick ascent

Leaving the cutblock into the open forest.


Mount Bradford and the access road.

lichen rocks

The lichen covered flat rock can be avoided climber's right.

a walk to the top

The summit plateau.

the summit

Unnamed peak (left) and Mount Bradford (right) from the top.


Looking towards Cranbrook.

some sun through the clouds

North-eastern view.
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