McArthur, Mount (Little Yoho 4-Peak Circuit)

elevation: 3,015 m. height gain: 215 m. (from Mount Pollinger)
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/10

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Getting ready for the downclimb.
Scramble: RT:14.0 (including Mount Kerr, Kiwetinok Peak and Mount Pollinger); 1.0 up from Pollinger. Getting down from Mount Pollinger onto the connecting ridge is the only obstacle on the way to Mount McArthur. The 15-meter plus downclimb is significant. I knew before coming that I would require a rope and I was glad we brought one when I saw the length of the pitch. Fab rigged up an anchor and rappelled, I followed. We left the rope in place and continued hiking at a casual pace towards our last objective of the day. It was late in the afternoon but the weather was fantastic; it was warm, the wind was calm and the clouds were scattered. At the top, we both felt really good about this feat; we sat there for over half an hour before considering leaving. Our return back to Mount Pollinger was nice, I felt quite thrilled about today. Upon reaching the crux, my heart rate increased. Fab climbed back up the rope and belayed me up the pitch. I can't imagine doing this without a rope, hats-off to people who do! Well, as we put away the rope, we couldn't help to feel it was all easy downhill from here. We boot skied all the way back to the lake where we picked up the trail. We lollygagged back to our campsite.

Exit: The following day, Fab impulsively suggested we come out the Iceline Trail. That turned out to be icing on the cake! From our direction, the well-trodden trail was quiet. The height gain on the Iceline Trail isn't significant from Stanley Mitchell Hut, it makes sense to take the opportunity to head out that way. Beyond treeline, the landscape is phenomenal, travelling on moraines surrounded by glaciers and glacial lakes. The popular trail is in great shape, it is very pleasant hiking it. As we started descending, we encountered more people. We couldn't help noticing how steep and long the climb is from Takakkaw Falls; not the approach of choice to get to Stanley Mitchell Hut!

here we go!

Here we go!

last summit on the agenda

Mount McArthur, our last summit for today.

just a walk

The ascent is just a walk.

summit cairn ahead

Summit cairn ahead.

the presidents

The Presidents from the top.

looking back at the traverse

A look back at the traverse of the previous three summits.

fourth summit today

Fourth summit today, this marks my 100th Kane scramble.

leaving the top

Heading back.

pleasant hiking

Pleasant hiking.

raven perched on the cairn

A raven is perched on the cairn of Mount Pollinger.


The crux, Fab is visible at the bottom.


Self-belaying up the rope.

top of crux

Almost at the top of the crux.

direct route

Taking a direct route down.

fast and fun!

Fast and fun!

mount kerr

Walking to another snow slope with Mount Kerr in the background.

more snow

Snow all the way down to the lake, which has no more ice on it.

alternate descent

Alternate descent off Mount Pollinger.

lake kiwetinok

Going around Kiwetinok Lake.

back on the trail

Following a good trail back down.

the following day on the iceline trail

The following day, we head out via the Iceline Trail.

at treeline

At treeline, the trail is visible on the moraine far away.

phenomenal scenery

The scenery is phenomenal, so glad we came out this way.

looking back

Looking back.

glacial lake

A small glacial lake along the way.

starting to see hikers

We are starting to see other hikers.


How many years until the glacier is gone?

groups of hikers

Groups of hikers along the swept trail.

swept pavement

On the swept pavement, enjoying the landscape.

takakkaw falls

Takakkaw Falls.
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