Maze Peak GR:081305

elevation: 2,404 m. height gain: 835 m.
area: Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB map 82 O/11

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
ascent slope

Open ascent slopes, dogs are out of sight.
Scramble: RT 5.25; 2.75 up. The forecast for the Bow Valley called for warm sunny weather; it seemed like a good opportunity to take the dogs for a camping trip where they could roam on grasses. The Front Ranges are especially dry this season... I sent some invites and started packing all the stuff we needed for a fine stay with our hounds at the Bighorn Campground. After 5 hours of driving, we arrived a bit tardy at Maze's ascent slope; a posse was awaiting. We unleashed the hounds and they went on to greet everybody like mad dogs. Charles was there and Raff brought a couple of friends as well, So is the Man and an ice climbing friend named Keith. We quickly put on our boots and started up the slope. The atmosphere was great with the dogs and that many people. Fab and I had already planned to split up, Daisy suffers from arthritis and we didn't want to risk taking her too far. On the ridge, Fab stayed with the hounds in the shallow treed dell; from there, he could see the summit ridge and enjoy the sun without the wind. The summit ridge was mostly free of snow and provided easy slab scrambling, difficulties have bypasses. I called Fab on the radio when we reached the top, I could hear the doggies below. It was windy and a bit chilly up there, we took summit pictures and grabbed a quick snack without lingering too long. I enjoyed the short descent and was thrilled to see Lincoln running towards us. Reunited, we had another break before returning to the cars. I felt happy that the outing wasn't over; after saying goodbye to our fellow hikers, we set camp around a nice bonfire and enjoyed a lovely evening with content dogs... That's a good life!
nearing the ridge

Nearing the ridge crest in little time.


Rupert is looking for someone to throw the stick.

lincoln is looking back

Lincoln is looking back, waiting for the stragglers.

objective in sight

The objective in sight, Fabrice stays behind with the dogs.

circumvented this buttress

We easily circumvented this buttress climber's right.

odd snowpatch

One of the few snow patches.

so is the man

Yelled "So is the Man" to get his attention!

saddle below

Dipping down to the saddle, two scramblers are returning from the summit.

easy slabs

Easy slabs on the summit ridge.

going around difficulties

Going around difficulties.

summit ahead

Summit ahead.

at the cairn

At the cairn, yippee!
Picture courtesy of Charles.

eastern view

Eastern view.

view west

So presents the view west.


Shortly after leaving the top, we bypass an outcrop.

last glimpse

Last glimpse.

dry conditions

Dry conditions rendered the slabs easy.

more slabs

More slabs.


Back at treeline.

rejoined with my pack

Rejoined with my puppies and hubby.

down we go

Down we go!


The part I always look forward to, cheers!
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