Marion, Mount GR:733633

elevation: 2,454 m. height gain: 570 m.
area: Canal Flats,BC map 82 J/4

Follow Findlay Creek road. Continue straight towards Blue Lake at the Skookumchuck FSR intersection (just past the 8 km marker on the road). At 766551 (km 12.5), a road leads up the south flank of Mount Marion. There is a yield sign at the start and two ciment blocks on either side of the road about 150 m. in. The road is good, it switchbacks and gains a fair deal of elevation. We parked our little Sunfire at the switchback where the deactivated logging road we planned to hike starts, 755590. We headed on the old road to its end, 750598. A short distance on a tight game trail leads to an open, forested area; we marked the entrance to this trail in order to find the old road upon return. From there we contoured while climbing slightly and came across old trails. We followed these trails and started to traverse/contour the south side of Marion's false summit when we encountered a blazed trail around 748610. We followed it almost to the top; snow coverage made it difficult to follow higher up.
start of the hike

Lightly timbered with little deadfall, very nice.

nice trail

The trail is not always this obvious.
Scramble: RT 6.0. The forecast was grim from Revy to the Foothills; so we decided to plan a trip with good access and a hike on a logging road to prevent getting soaked. It turns out we drove a lot further then expected! It did rain on and off and hailed on our way to the top, but it did not downpour; we even got short moments of brightness and sun. I call this a scramble because you may be required to use GPS and compass depending on visibility and snow covering the trails. There are numerous game trails and a blazed trail part way but it is treed terrain, keeping track is good practice. Lincoln seemed pleased the whole trip. He took a good nap at the summit, all bundled up in fleece. We hung out, it was mostly socked-in but mild and relatively calm. Yeah, our first summit together with our Pup!

typical terrain higher up

Typical terrain higher up with fog coming and going.

at the top

Very broad summit, nice for Lincoln.

rime on trees

Fresh rime on the trees at the top.

poppers bundled up

Fab and Link.
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