Lorette, Mount

elevation: 2,487 m. height gain: 1,030 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies
at the trailhead

Mount Lorette is visible from the trailhead.
Scramble: RT 7.25; 4.25 up. Windy, windy, windy! The whole length of the trip I struggled to keep the hood of my sweater on my head. We biked about 5 km along the cutline; the ground was frozen, travel was fast. After stashing the bikes, we hiked up the ascent gully on a good trail. When looking around, we occasionally got dust blown in our eyes or a whip from a strap... We wondered if the windy conditions would stop our progress on the summit ridge. Fab had to put ski pants on and I sure felt where the holes in my long underwear were. Although doubtful, we continued to the highpoint past the saddle. Attempting the ridge crest with such wind and numb hands was not an option. From there, a trail on the north-west side was discernable despite some snow. It avoids the slabby terrain on the ridge crest and traverses all the way to the top. How convenient, this gave us the opportunity to make it to the summit safely. We didn't stay long. Fab grabbed a quick bite and I froze my hands taking a few pics. After a few minutes, we left. The descent was surprisingly enjoyable, we warmed up and our spirits lightened. Back on the bike, I thought I would "take it easy" but to no avail. The road had softened and so had my legs... This is a nice mountain; it offers several ways up and a short approach (especially if you wade the river). This scramble is more demanding if the ridge crest is followed.
we stash the bikes

We stashed our bikes in the trees above.

pleasant hiking

The terrain quickly opens up.


Distinctive trail in the shale.

above treeline

An amazing slab wall skirts the ascent.

good progress

We followed the trail climber's right of the treed mound.

very windy

At the saddle.

over the hump

The trail continues to a high point.

summit ridge

A look at the summit.

fab poking a cornice

Along the summit ridge.


A trail indicates a traverse below the ridge crest.

no difficulty

A good trail all the way to the top.

we made it

Last bit.

at the top

Fab next to the buried cairn.

north-east view

Looking north-east along the scrambler's approach.


Nakiska and the top of the south-east ridge.


Skogan Peak.

heading back

Heading back down.

back to the acent gully

The colourful saddle ahead.
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