Mount Lolo

elevation: 1,748 m.
height gain: 750 m. (from 7 kms in)
area: Kamloops,BC
map 92 I/16



I decided to park here but some people drove further.
Snowshoe trip: RT 5.5; 3.5 up. The main goal of this simple trip was to get a bit of exercise before the temperature drop associated with an Arctic Front. Mount Lolo Road grants easy access to a lookout where I planned to spend the night to watch both sunset and sunrise. Staying accustomed to carrying overnight gear is also important to me as the extra weight can be overwhelming. I left Milan's place late morning, it was a short drive from there. The service road was clear of snow for the first half, which shortened my hike drastically. I could have driven further but I opted to park my vehicle to avoid getting stuck and to get a decent walk. Several trucks drove as far as they could leaving big ruts in the snow; the passengers were mostly skiers heading for a tour in the bowl. Higher up, I encountered snowmobilers as well. Mount Lolo is surprisingly busy! It wasn't too cold during the hike up but at the top, the wind was bone chilling. I took pictures and set up my tent while I could still feel my fingers. After a cruise around the cell towers, I retreated to my shelter. The wind increased throughout the evening sweeping snow under my tent fly and through the mesh of the door. I struggled to stay warm in my light sleeping bag with all my layers that included: boot liners, ski pants, ski jacket, tuque and mitts; I knew it would be a long night... Heat packs did provide some relief from the cold but around 3AM, they were no longer sufficient. I had to rub my feet together to prevent them from freezing. I would doze off briefly then wake up shivering. This went on until the morning sunlight hit my tent. At that point, I packed up as fast as I could and engaged in a hasty retreat. When I reached my truck, the temperature gauge read -19˚c ...I wonder how cold it got up there with the wind...

power line short-cut

Higher up, the power line offers a shortcut through the south bowl.

skiable cutblocks

Skiable cutblocks along the service road.

mount lolo road

Mount Lolo Road is also popular with snowmobilers.

glance towards the lookout

A glance towards the lookout and the south bowl's east facing slopes.

nearing the top

Nearing the top.

north-eastern view

North-eastern view.

cell towers

Cell towers and telemetry.

looking south

Mount Harper's ski area to the south.

a close up of mount harper

A close up of Mount Harper.

view towards kamloops

South-western view towards Kamloops.

braving the cold

Braving a cold windy night.

western view

Looking west over Strawberry Hills.

cell towers are lit up

The cell towers are lit up.

morning light

Morning light on the summit.


Beautiful sunrise.

very cold at the truck

-19˚c lower down, no wonder I was cold.
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