Llama Peak (3-Peak Ridgewalk)

elevation: 1,914 m.
height gain: 80 m. (from Zupjok Peak)
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Alltrails

alpaca and vicuna

Alpaca and Vicuna Peaks.
Hike: RT 8.0 (incuding Zupjok and Alpaca Peaks). Hiking to Llama Peak didn't require much effort. The trail is in great shape, which allowed me to focus my attention on the surrounding scenery. Clouds were slowly rolling in but remained well above the mountaintops. I was thrilled that it wasn't raining and that the wind was calm. I quickly reached the very broad highpoint and wondered why it was given a name being it has very little prominence. After scrutinizing Alpaca Peak's barren summit, I resumed walking. I looked forward to reaching my final destination; I wanted to have my tent set up before oncoming poor weather.

anderson river group

The Anderson River Group to the west.

zupjok peak

Looking back towards Zupjok Peak.

south-eastern view

Yak Peak's impressive 400-meter vertical north face is revealed.

llama peak

Llama Peak is just ahead.

alpaca peak

Alpaca Peak from the top of Llama Peak.

classic hikes to the south

The southern view includes numerous hikes and scrambles.

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