Little Temple GR:567910

elevation: 2,660 m. height gain: 975 m.
area: Lake Louise,AB map 82 N/8

From the Moraine Lake Road winter trailhead, follow the road to the Paradise Valley trailhead; continue on the trail to Annette Lake. Head south-east towards the col between Big and Little Temple, 566904; seracs threathen this section. It is possible to ski to the top.

paradise valley trail

Charles, Fabrice and I are joining Andrea and Raff for this ski tour.
Ski touring: RT 8.0; 5.0 up. We had planned to visit K-Country over the weekend but warm conditions had us reconsider; Raff suggested we go to Lake Louise. Although the weather wasn't stellar, the snowpack was stable and solar radiation was minimal. We met Charles, Raff and Andrea at the Moraine Lake Road trailhead and proceeded along the road to the Paradise Valley Trail. We continued along the well-used trail towards Annette Lake; travel was pleasant until the snow started to stick to our skis, no one was spared... It was so bad that Fab had to pull out his candle to wax all the skins; it helped for a bit but the snow still stuck to the skis right until we started climbing to Annette Lake. My goodness, by that time I felt gutted just dealing with the extra drag... Ahead, the troop carried on. We stopped at the lake; looking at the seracs on Temple, we talked about tsunamis. After a snack, we made our way to the col between Big and Baby Temple. The snow quality improved as we climbed higher; I was looking forward to the ski down, even in flat light. Charles and Andrea were plowing in front; surprisingly enough, Fab was right up with the youths! As for myself, I was well in the back; luckily, Raff was very gallant and stayed behind to converse. We were reunited at the top where we had lunch and good laughs. The sun tried coming out as we descended. Skiing was decent and almost effortless. We enjoyed the return on the trail as well, it was nice to glide. Once on the freshly groomed Moraine Lake Road, we skated back to the trailhead; now, that was way quicker than skinning! Kuddos to Raff for convincing us to do this great ski tour and introducing us to Andrea, rock on!
little temple

Little Temple left of center.

along the drainage

Along the drainage on our way to Annette Lake, the snow is sticking to our skis...

bent pole

Raff showing off his bent pole.

ascent to the lake

Ascending to the lake.


Large seracs on Temple loom over Annette Lake and our ascent route.

heading to the col

Heading for the col between Big and Baby Temple.

looking back

Looking back.

good snow higher up

Snow conditions improve as we climb higher.

looking back

Looking back again.

raff hangs back

Raff hangs back, we discussed objectives of course.

reaching the top

Reaching Little Temple.

paradise valley

View into Paradise Valley.

summit pic

Summit picture, yippee!!!

view north-east

View north-east.

sun comes out

The sun comes out as we leave; quick, get the camera out!

good skiing

The skiing is good despite the flat light.

returns on skis rule

Returning on skis is the best!

until next time

Whoot, whoot, see you next time!
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