Little Lougheed GR:200469

elevation: 2,483 m.  height gain: 780 m.
area: Smith Dorrien/Spray Area,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
objective on the left

The objective is visible (left) from the road.
Snowshoe trip: RT 5.0; 3.0 up. Alison and I got together for this short trip. We met at the base of the Lougheed not too early, we located the packed trail and got on the way. After crossing a bridge, we kept following the wide trail that appeared newly built. The trail seemed to be paralleling the mountain without gaining much height; just as we started thinking we might be travelling away from our ascent line, we saw a cairn and an uptrack. We casually continued on the uptrack and reached the boulder field in good time. The existing uptrack took all thinking out of the trip, we chatted and stopped often to take pics and sip tea. Once above treeline, fierce wind made us hustle up the talus pitch. We stayed at the top long enough to take pictures before retreating to shelter. The cold wind made us hurry back to treeline with frozen hands. The rest of the trip was more pleasant and it definitely took little time to get back to the trailhead!

well-packed trail

The trail is well-packed.


This bridge leads to a wide trail that we left further along to start ascending.

boulder field

The boulder field.

melo day

Nice melo day for Alison and I.

mount nestor

Mount Nestor (left) and Old Goat Mountain on the right.

north-western view

North-western view along Spray Lakes.

spur ahead

Continuing towards a spur.

summit isn't far

The summit is not far away.

approaching treeline

Approaching treeline.

final pitch

Final pitch.

no need for snowshoes

No need for snowshoes here!

at the top

The top with Mount Sparrowhawk in the background.

alison celebrates

Alison celebrates.

mount lougheed

Mount Lougheed.

unsettled weather

Unsettled weather slowly moving in.

back to the boulder field

Back to the boulder field.
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