Little Hector GR:502155

elevation: 3,125 m. height gain: 1,260 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/9

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
at the pull off

Little Hector from the pull off.
Scramble: RT 9.25 (including Unnamed Peak); 3.0 up. Despite the prefix Little, this peak is no push over, rising above 3,100 meters. The very short approach on a good trail is ideal for a quick jaunt up a lofty viewpoint! After a long stint at work, I really felt the need for some mountain meditation. This objective seemed perfect for a solo trip since Fab was busy this weekend. I left early, hoping to include a trip up Unnamed Peak if the weather permitted. Finding the trail was as easy as following it to the waterfall. The headwall is easily breached; there's two routes but I only knew about the moderate way up at the time. I took the time to look around and familiarize myself to help on the way down. Soon thereafter, I stood in the lower basin and picked my route towards the base of Little Hector. Instead of trekking further east in the draw, I skirted a beige and grey band along some snow. At the top of the band, I was minutes away from the objective's ascent slope. An obvious trail is visible in the scree; the rubble is firmer than I expected and I quickly reached a short steep snow patch. This offered a bit of excitement on the otherwise casual hike that resumes to the summit. The sights are spectacular all around.
ghetto bridge

Follow the obvious trail along the right side of the creek; don't go over the ghetto bridge.

nearing the headwall

Nearing the headwall quickly.


Hiking next to the waterfall.


The way through the ledges (left of center); there's an easier way that skirts the rockband climber's right and ascends next to the waterfall.

higher on the ledges

Slightly higher on the ledges.

easy way left

The way continues over your left shoulder (away from the waterfalls).

lower basin

The lower basin towards Little Hector.

beige and grey band

I decided to skirt the beige and grey band.

along the band

Ascending the talus slope along the band.

ascent slope

A trail is visible in the scree on the ascent slope.

steep snow patch

A short but steep snowpatch.

summit ridge

The summit ridge.

mount hector

Mount Hector from Little Hector.

unnamed peak

Unnamed Peak and Hector Pass.

bow peak

Bow Peak in the foreground and Bow Lake.

view east

Cataract Peak behind Molar Mountain.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

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