Lion Peak (Resolute Mountain)

elevation: 3,140 m. height gain: 1,760 m.
area: David Thompson Highway,AB map 83 C/2

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies
trail is not always obvious

The trail on the east side of Thompson Creek is not always that obvious.
Scramble: RT 13.5 (including Lioness Peak); 6.5 up. I remember reading Nugara's trip report a couple of years ago; this outing instantly struck an interest. What it lacks in technical difficulty, it makes up in physical effort. We planned to leave the car at the crack of dawn; we didn't want to be looking for the trail in the dark. Turns out the trail is fairly easy to follow at first but it becomes faint further along; a moment of inattention can lead astray! The trail to the basin always travels on the east side of Thompson Creek; after running alongside the creek for a while, it climbs and sidehills higher above to avoid thick brush and deadfall. The path is challenging to follow in places, it's overgrown and doesn't see much traffic; but overall, the terrain is nice. It took us about 5 hours to reach the col. We circumvented the false summit and aimed for the weakness in the rockband, which easily leads to the true summit. The terrain isn't that loose until you get to the weakness. We worked our way up on whatever solid rock we found and scrambled to the top. It was quite windy by now and the weather was unstable; we expected light rain anytime... Still, we put on more layers and stayed for a bit before turning our attention to Lion's neighborly peak: Lioness.
nearing the basin

The trail climbs and enters the forest before heading into the basin on the left.

cline/lion col in the distance

The Cline/Lion Col is still distant.

lioness peak

Lioness Peak behind a huge boulder.

several big boulders

Looking back at several big boulders.

pleasant hiking

Pleasant hiking with Lion Peak ahead.

making our way to the col

Making our way to the col.

at the col

At the col, the grade eases.

easy route to lion peak

The easy route to the true summit of Lion Peak, which is on the right.

lengthy approach drainage

The lengthy approach drainage.

lion's false summit

Lion Peak's false summit.

traversing to the weakness

Traversing to the scree weakness in the rockband.

loose rubble

Loose rubble between the false and true summits.

almost there

Rockier terrain just before the summit.

looking back

Looking back.

north-western view

The north-western view over the false summit.

lioness peak

Lioness Peak.

mount cline

Mount Cline.

heading to lioness peak

Heading to Lioness Peak.

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