Limestone Mountain

elevation: 2,180 m. height gain: 630 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Sonny Bou's website
next to the ascent ridge

Parked next to the north-west ascent ridge.
Scramble: RT 6.0; 3.0 up. This small outlier is a good outing for this time of the year. It is a short trip granting shelter from the wind for most of the way. Our intent was to ascend the north-west ridge that comes right down to the highway; we parked north of the bluff that runs along the road. We chose to follow a beaten path along an old road, thinking it might lead to the ascent ridge further. It soon veered in the light timber heading towards the ridge but instead of climbing, the trail parallels the ridge heading in the draw; we got suspicious this wasn't going where we wanted to go... but as it started to ascend towards the ridge again, we followed. After a steep climb, a nice wall of ice revealed itself; this is a trail for ice climbers. We continued and tried to reach the crest of the ridge. We skirted the rockband climber's right and picked our way up some steep treed terrain through deep snow. This grueling effort quickly leads to the ridge, little over half way. Travelling was better, from knee-deep drifts to bare rock. Without snowshoes, we made our way to the summit mound. The last 200 meters of elevation were wind scoured, it looked more challenging. With enthusiasm, we proceeded on grippy textured rock. We enjoyed some sections of easy scrambling despite the wind. At the top, we carefully put on extra layers, trying to avoid losing items to the strong wind gusts. After a quick rest and taking pictures, we started descending. Beyond the summit mound, our return was sheltered. We followed our bushwhack back down to the wall of ice, now occupied by some climbers.
following a trail

We followed a beaten path starting on an old road.

skirting a rockband

We skirted the rockband past the wall of ice.

the rockband dwindles

Shortly after, the rockband dwindles to steep treed terrain.

on the ascent ridge

Midway on the ascent ridge, snow depth is variable.

summit mound

The summit mound.

a bit of scrambling ahead

Ahead, we went climber's left to gain the crest of the ridge.

looking back

Looking back along the north-west ridge.

very windy

It's much windier on the summit mound.

almost there

Almost there.

bare rock on the windward side

Sticking to the windward side where the rock is bare.

last bit

Stumbling sideways up the last bit.

summit cairn is visible

The summit cairn is visible, The Wedge in the background.

mount kidd

Mount Kidd, one of my favorites.

at the top

Prepared for the mild blustery wind at the top.

heading down

Heading down.

back in the trees

Below the summit mound, the wind is greatly reduced.


Backtracking down our bushwhack, much easier.

the ice waterfall

The wall of ice.
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