Kuss Peak GR:981496 (Mosquito Range Traverse North)

elevation: 4,129 m. height gain: 835 m.
area: Leadville,Colorado,USA map USGS 1:24,000 Climax, CO

Ref: 14ers.com
mosquito pass road

Following an off-road vehicle's track on the Mosquito Pass Road.
Hike: RT 8.75 (includes Mosquito Peak, Treasurevault Mountain, Mounts Tweto and Arkansas); 2.5 up. With a great day finally in the forecast, I decided to visit Mosquito Pass and traverse 5 main peaks of the northern Mosquito Range. This trek wasn't technically difficult but there was an element of uncertainty, I wasn't sure if I would be able to traverse to Mount Arkansas given the current snow conditions and I didn't know if it would be possible to beeline off that summit's west face down to the highway to catch a ride back to Leadville. It was clear to me that if I reached Mount Tweto and couldn't proceed, I would have to backtrack and go up and over Treasurevault, Mosquito and Kuss again; that seemed like a daunting task but I was up for the challenge. I got an early start for this one. Familiar with the approach on the mining road, I reached the saddle east of Prospect Mountain by 6 AM just in time to watch the alpenglow on the tall mountains of the Sawatch Range. From here, I could see most of the upcoming traverse. I continued to Mosquito Pass where I took a small break, it's then that I realized my satellite phone was in roaming mode rendering it useless and I didn't know how to reset it. I was slightly apprehensive about continuing but honestly, I didn't want to waste this fabulous day so I gambled on my luck. I pressed on to Kuss Peak thinking about the fact that I hadn't told Tim about my intention of traversing all the way to Mount Arkansas, I was also hoping he wouldn't worry because of my lack of correspondence. Given the obvious lure of the mountains, I carried on. Kuss Peak is a short distance away from the pass with a slight height gain, it didn't require much effort to reach it. This unranked 13er, also known as Repeater Peak is equipped with numerous solar panels and telemetry mounted on a nice stone building. I walked around it and took pics before resuming my traverse to peak #2, Mosquito Peak.
sawatch range

Looking past Evans Gulch towards the Sawatch Range.


Alpenglow on Mount Hope (left), LaPlata Peak (middle) and Mount Elbert (right).

on my way to mosquito pass

On my way to Mosquito Pass with Kuss Peak (middle), Mosquito Peak (left center) and Treasurevault Mountain (left).

mount evans b and dyer mountain

Mount Evans B (left), Dyer Mountain and West Dyer Mountain.

mosquito pass road

On the Mosquito Pass Road.

mosquito pass

Mosquito Pass.

east side of the pass

London and Loveland Mountains on the east side of the pass.

kuss peak

Kuss Peak aka Repeater Peak.

southern part of the mosquito range

Glancing south at a section of the Mosquito Range with Mount Evans B, Dyer Mountain, Gemini Peaks and Mount Sherman.

almost too easy

Almost too easy!

stone building

Nice stone building on Kuss Peak.

view east

View east over London Mountain with Loveland (left) and Pennsylvania Mountains on either sides.

mount massive

Mount Massive beyond Prospect Mountain.

mosquito peak is next

My second objective is Mosquito Peak.

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