Kidd South, Mount GR:256378

elevation: 2,895 m. height gain: 1,290 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Side note: Past the 5th bridge, sections of the trail are washed out; we crossed Galatea Creek on a fallen tree and regained the trail on the north side. A slight dip in the trail leads to a flat area, a cairn indicates the trail to the ascent gully.

first bridge

First bridge at the start of the trail.
Scramble: RT 10.0; 5.0 up. Last weekend Charles briefly mentioned he went to Lillian Lake via Galatea Creek Trail. Fab and I turned away from there two years ago because of a trail closure, I was interested to hear about the trail conditions. Needless to say, after speaking with him, I wanted to go visit Kidd South. The weather forecast called for thunderstorms in the afternoon, so we got on the way fairly early. As we travelled, Charles pointed out the new faint trails. The first five bridges are in place, we encountered washouts following that. We had to cross Galatea Creek on a fallen tree to rejoin with the trail on the north side of the creek. We carried on down the trail for a while and started looking for the ascent trail near the appropriate place; it's hard to miss the cairn, the good trail climbs almost immediately. The weather was gloomy and it was drizzling lightly but we came prepared... The trail up the ascent drainage is pleasant and easy to follow; we reached the upper draw in good time. We talked about whether we should climb the grassy slopes or the snow; we elected for the grassy terrain versus the steeper snow gully, the snow was on the soft side. Once on the ridge, visibility was greatly reduced and drizzle turned to snow. We plodded upward without seeing the summit block until we were right close. We followed a faint trail on the south side of the summit ridge pulling out our alpine axe to cross steep snow slopes. We reached the top shortly thereafter. It was snowing, we had all our layers on. Fabrice and Charles called their dad on the satellite phone to wish them a happy father's day; Charles made some tea. After a surprisingly long break at the summit, we headed down. The snow intensified to a downright blizzard; the covered terrain was trickier to negotiate. At the grassy slopes, the wind died down and the drizzle returned. We continued our descent back to the car without getting too wet. Shortly after leaving the parking lot, the rain started coming down hard; sometimes, you just get lucky!

wash out

After the 5th bridge, sections of the trail are washed out.

cairned trail

Some flat terrain precedes the ascent trail, indicated by a cairn.


Breaking out of the trees on a good trail.

snow or grasses

Higher up, snow or grasses.

grassy slope

We chose grasses.

ascent ridge

Reaching the ascent ridge.

little visibility

Drizzle turns to snow... little visibility, as expected.

getting closer

Getting closer, I think.

south side

Dipping on the south side of the summit ridge.

distinguishable trail

A trail is distinguishable in some places.

steep snow slopes

Alpine axe out to traverse steep snow slopes.

almost there

Almost there.

at the top

At the top, 3 degrees, Charles made some tea.

approach ridge

Looking at the approach ridge, west of us.

side trip

Very short side trip.

heading back

Heading back.


The snow intensifies.


Conditions are getting a bit treacherous.

welcome summer

Welcome summer!

light drizzle

Trading snow for light drizzle.

good ascent trail

Following the ascent trail.

galatea creek trail

Back on Galatea Creek Trail.
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