Kidd, Mount

elevation: 2,958 m. height gain: 1,350 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
under a tarp

At Eau Claire campground.
Scramble: RT 7.5; 5 hrs up. We drove down in the afternoon to enjoy a bit of camping and be able to have an early start the next day. The forecast for the long weekend was not great. We were very lucky to squeeze in this scramble. We made good time on the firm snow with the crampons. Once on the summit ridge, thunder and lightning in the distance appeared to be approaching. That's when I started running, screaming: quick, quick, quick! Fab was in pursuit and quickly arrived at the repeater. He casually pulled out his video camera and started taking some footage. We didn't stay very long, just enough to enjoy this phenomenal view. Coming down was tons of fun, with an 800 m. glissade; we got the best conditions for sliding on our behinds. The rain started to be more intense as we came down. When we arrived at the car, the mountain was no longer visible; engulfed in low clouds. Winston did very well on the snow slopes. He stayed close and retained his tail wag. Traction (without booties) was definitely not a problem and he seemed to enjoy it. He may have been puzzled at times but he followed the pack!

Mount Kidd from the parking lot.

ascent gully

The ascent gully.

using ledges

Wide ledges climber's right of the waterfall.

upper gully

In the upper gully.

veering right in the bowl

Starting to come around veering right towards the ascent slopes.

now on snow

Crampons and firm snow.

upper slopes

Ascent slopes.

i can see the truck

Looking back down towards the parking lot.


Mount Bogart.

summit ridge

Running towards the summit.


Southern view.


A close up of Mount Joffre.


Summit telemetry.

awesome view south-west

Mount Galatea (left) and The Tower (center).


Fossilized rock.


The best glissade ever!

speedy glissade

Glissading for a loooong time.

lower gully

The gully from above the waterfall.

just in time

The summit is now engulfed.
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