Kerr, Mount (Little Yoho 4-Peak Circuit)

elevation: 2,863 m. height gain: 1,350 m.
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/10

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
on our way to stanley mitchell

Going to Stanley Mitchell Hut.
Scramble: RT:14.0 (including Kiwetinok Peak, Mounts Pollinger and McArthur); 3.5 up from the campsite. We had been talking about the Little Yoho quartet for a couple of years. With our hounds pre-booked at the Bed & Biscuit, we figured this outing should be next. The last time we climbed four summits in a day was in 2006 with our beloved Spaniel Winston. This time, we set off with no dogs due to the nature of this trip.

Approach: After dropping off the doggies in the afternoon, we picked up our gear, swung by Subway and drove to Takakkaw Falls parking lot. We didn't waste time and were soon on the trail towards Stanley Mitchell Hut and our campsite. As we climbed the popular trail, we met many people on their way down. The area was buzzing with hikers enjoying the splendid weather and the magnificent scenery. We reached our site with enough time to set up, eat and store our food before darkness.

We slept well under the cool starry night and we let the light of dawn wake us; we were hiking by 7 AM. We followed a good trail to Kiwetinok Lake, which still had a strip of ice across. From there, gaining Kiwetinok Pass was pleasant and took little time. We left extra gear behind and continued towards Mount Kerr. The ascent is straightforward and offers some easy scrambling bits. Preceding the official, lower summit, a rockband impedes the way on the ridge proper and necessitates a detour lower down. Once at the top, it is obvious that the south-east summit is taller. We continued along the connecting ridge going on the east side of some neat rock and then we were climbing again. The blocky terrain of Mount Kerr is interesting and fun to travel through. We had a quick pause at the huge cairn and then continued with our summit pursuit.

early morning

Early morning sun as we trek towards the headwall.

nearing a headwall

Nearing the headwall preceding Kiwetinok Lake.

above the headwall

Above the headwall magnificent scenery unfolds.

mount kerr

Mount Kerr, the taller summit is on the left.

pleasant hiking

Very pleasant hiking on an awesome day.

at the lake

Kiwetinok Peak looms over the lake.

gaining kiwetinok pass

Gaining Kiwetinok Pass.

at the pass

Mount Kerr from the pass, we left extra gear behind.

blocky terrain

Ascending blocky terrain.

alternate descent from pollinger

Looking back, we notice a snowy alternate descent (edge of shade) from Mount Pollinger.

on the ridge

On the ridge.

nearing the lower summit

Just ahead at a rockband, we had to move down to continue.

official summit

At the lower, official summit.

heading to the taller summit

Heading to the taller peak.

almost there

Almost there.

at the top

At the top of our first objective.

kiwetinok peak

Mount Mummery (left) and intimidating Kiwetinok Peak.

leaving the top

Leaving summit number one.

connecting ridge

The connecting ridge to the lower summit.

interesting rock

Some interesting rock formations.

more neat rock

More neat rock along the ridge.

eastern view

Eastern view.

traverse from kiwetinok to mcarthur

The whole traverse from Kiwetinok to McArthur is visible.

back at the pass

Back at the pass.

onto our next objective

Onto our next objective, Kiwetinok Peak.

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