Kananaskis Peak GR:345444

elevation: 2,419 m. height gain: 970 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies.
ascent drainage

Above bluffs on Wasootch Trail, at some point we veered off the trail towards the drainage and followed the creekbed.
Scramble: RT 6.5; 3.25 up. When Fab and I left Golden for K-Country, we intended to go visit Mount Kidd South for another possible glissade. Upon reaching the parking lot, we got a surprise; a seasonal closure sign for the Galatea Trail is in effect. We realize we should have checked... Usually, we don't have a plan B, but I happened to be aware of some scrambles we had not done in the near vicinity. Mary Barclay came to mind; the only problem was, we didn't have our bikes and that meant fording the Kananaskis River that is raging at the moment. We drove and parked at a pullover next to the river. We geared up and took our sandals and tape just in case we decided to cross. We walked along the wide river, the water was deep and fast flowing... no way man... After about 45 minutes, we gave up on the idea. I don't think we've ever had a plan C, until now! I suggested Kananaskis Peak to Fab in a last ditch effort. The problem was, I wasn't sure how to get there. I remembered tracing the route on the topo map a while ago. We checked the map and sure enough, there it was, a line up a drainage to a peak I labeled. We drove off to our third trailhead. We decided to follow the trail for Wasootch Peak (G8 Summit) for a while before veering towards the ascent drainage. We missed a trail that beelines to the creekbed lower down but still managed an easy traverse avoiding bluffs. We found a faint trail on the north side of the creek and we continued up the draw to the far gully. In the gully, avalanche debris provided pleasant climbing and quick height gain. On the way up, we weren't sure where the summit was; left, along a difficult ridge or beyond the visible highpoint on the right. We reached the saddle and proceeded to go up the highpoint climber's right. We noticed someone standing at the top. In short time, we met the fellow who had come up a different way; we conversed a little and aimed our attention on the true summit (more distinguishable from here). Fab pointed out a trail in the scree leading to the narrow ridge and cairn. Although the top is just a short distance from the saddle, the scrambling is exciting; I crouched down on a narrow section of the ridge. At the top, familiar views over the Foothills unfold. The weather was still fine; we enjoyed a good summit stay with Al, a 70- year old mountain goat. I was glad it wasn't raining yet, thick clouds to the west seemed to be coming down though. On descent, I focused on my footing and made it down the crux surprisingly well, we paused again at the saddle while Al continued on his way. Well rested after a nice break sheltered from the wind, we resumed our quick descent back to the creekbed. Of course, we glissaded on the snow, that's always a hoot!!! We picked up the faint trail and followed it to where it meets with the main trail. Travelling along the creekbed wasn't bad and we came across bedrock and a nice waterfall. I'm quite amazed with today's outcome; I must admit that earlier, things weren't lookin' up!
back of the draw

The back of the draw.

snow gully

Awesome conditions for a quick ascent up the gully (left).

further up the gully

Higher up, using rock strata.

almost at the saddle

Almost at the saddle.

at the saddle

At the saddle with Wasootch Peak (G8 Summit) on the left.


Maybe that's the summit?


Maybe the summit is beyond this hightpoint?


At the hightpoint, we get a fine view towards Nakiska.

on the highpoint

A fellow is at the top, he came up a different way.

north-east summit

From here, the summit cairn is distinguishable on the other side.

to the true summit

Making our way to the true summit.

along the ridge

On the ridge crest, the cairn is just ahead.

exposed section

Going over an exposed section.

at the top

At the top, Al is pointing out a bunch of summits and ridge walks.


Fabrice and I.

down the crux

I'm scooting down the airy bit.

fine scree run

A fine scree run to the snow gully.

fun glissade

Glissading the rest of the way down.

back in the creekbed

Back in the creekbed.


We came upon this lovely waterfall.

joining with the main trail

Getting back on the main trail.
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