July Mountain

elevation: 2,124 m.
height gain: 630 m.
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Steven's Peak-Bagging Journey

start of trail

The start of the trail follows an old road.
Hike: RT 5.0; 3.0 up. July Mountain is a delightful outing with fabulous views. It grants a good trail and a lovely lake in the sub-alpine, cradled by numerous snow slopes. Additionally, there are a couple of tarns on the ascent ridge. This objective appeared to be a good choice for the month of July. We decided to stay the night at the lake to spend some time by the water during this warm weather. The only thing we didn't expect was the incredible hoard of mosquitoes. We reached the lake in the late afternoon, just in time for the sunset. We had to wear our hoodies despite the warm temperature to protect ourselves from the mosquitoes. Following a quick swim and dinner, we retired to our tents for respite from the pesky pests. The next day, we packed our gear before climbing the mountain. We practiced using the alpine axe on the snow slopes as we ascended to the summit ridge. Travel on the broad ridge is pleasantly easy. After cooling off by one of the snowbound tarns, we carried on to the summit. We stayed atop the mountain for a while to enjoy the view and some snacks; then, we casually backtracked to our packs. Following a quick dip in the lake, we resumed our descent. The mosquitoes didn't seem as bad on the way down, maybe because we were travelling faster. We hung out the rest of the day by the river; that was a great way to wrap up a nice summer weekend.

boulder field

The path skirts a boulder field.

objective into view

Higher up, the objective comes into view.

drum lake

The far side of Drum Lake is still in the sun.

shallow clear water

The shallow clear water is irresistable but quite cold.

enjoying the sunset

Enjoying the sunset on a mound above the lake.

our camp

Setting up camp and eating with our hoodies, there's hoards of mosquitoes.

ready to climb

The next morning, we're ready for a jaunt up July Mountain.

climbing a slow slope

Climbing a snow slope to the summit ridge.

using the alpine axe

Learning how to use an alpine axe.

summit ridge

Gaining the summit ridge.

pleasant hiking

Pleasant hiking on the broad ridge.

snowbound tarn

A lovely snowbound tarn precedes the summit.

throwing rocks

Trying to break the edge of the ice with rocks.

summit ahead

From the tarn, it's a short distance to the summit.

summit cairn

Summit cairn.

looking north

Looking north with Drum Lake below.

view south

View south.

south-western view

South-western view.

juliet peak

Juliet Peak dominates the west-north-western view.

anderson river group

The Anderson River Group beyond the ascent ridge.

heading down

Heading down.

practicing self-arresting

Practicing self-arresting.

back at the lake

Back at the lake.

resuming our descent

Resuming our descent to the trailhead.

nearing the old road

Nearing the old road.
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