Jubilee Mountain Lookout

elevation: 1,680 m. height gain: 830 m.
area: Spillimacheen,BC map 82 K/16

From Spillimacheen find Westside Road, cross the Columbia River and the Spillimacheen River; continue north on a service road for about 850 meters to an intersection, 415400. The Jubilee Mountain FSR goes straight (north) and is well indicated; it is possible to use an ATV to reach the lookout in the summer but in the winter, the road is most likely unplowed. From the trailhead (415400), there are two junctions in the first 700 meters; go left at 415403 and go straight at 412405. The service road goes past a recreation site and continues for 6 kilometers to another intersection, 383427; Jubilee Mountain FSR heads north-west and reaches the lookout from the north. We chose a shorter route from that point and followed Branch A to a mining operation south of Jubilee's summit block, 380423 (not recommended if mining is underway). Near the mine, we passed a road and clearing on the left and within 200 meters, we veered towards the ridge crest in an opening to the right, 378421. The treed south-east ridge leads to the lookout. This is a manned lookout during the summer months.
jubilee mountain road

Jubilee Moutain FSR.

recreation site

Near the start, there's a nice recreation site overlooking the Columbia Valley.
Snowshoe trip: RT 8.75; 4.25 up. This trip was better than anticipated, we left home not expecting much more than a workout. As unfavorable backcountry conditions persist due to high avalanche hazard, we continue exploring smaller objectives. From the truck, we had 7.5 kilometers to go on the road; the plod was nice but the additional crusty new snow on the snowpack made travelling a bit more difficult than last week. We snowshoed up the road to the mining operation hoping the sky would clear up and lucky for us, it did! Once we entered the forest to gain the ridge, I was thrilled that we only had 1 kilometer remaining to the lookout; the bushwhacking wasn't bad but tight enough in places to drop snow down our back. The last stretch prior to arriving at the lookout is enjoyable, it opens up enough to get a glimpse at the valley below. At the lookout, it is hard to resist the temptation to climb the tower to take pictures; the best view is from up there! The door was unlocked so we came in to have lunch. We sat comfortably in the sun with awesome sights and a disco ball on the ceiling; I felt at home! It was hard to leave the lofty viewpoint... We picked up our track and followed it back to the road; the rest was uneventful but satisfying!
service road

Plodding on the service road for 7.5 kilometers.

branch a

After 6 kilometers, we took the mining road, Branch A.

open and choked terrain

Open and choked terrain off the service road.

last bit is nice

The last stretch is lovely.


Jubilee Lookout aka Disco Cabano!

view south

View south, part of the mining operation is visible (center).

hidden valley

Not seen from highway 93/95, Hidden Valley to the west.

view north

View north.

inside the lookout

A sight in the well-equiped lookout.

disco ball

Complete with a disco ball; I feel right at home!


We reluctantly leave after a lengthy break.

tree hugging

I punched in and fell by a tree, good times.

columbia valley

The Columbia Valley east of us.

typical terrain

Typical terrain before reaching the mining operation.

back on the road

Back on the service road.
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