Joffre, Mount

elevation: 3,449 m. height gain: 1,725 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/11

Ref: Sean Dougherty's Selected Alpine Climbs.

Waterfall on the way to Aster Lake.
Alpine climb: Amazing, incredible and memorable trip. Wess, Dan and I bivied at Aster Lake. Another solo hiker camped nearby. We were awakened during the night by some screaming and yelping. Thinking someone was being attacked by a bear, we quickly got up, put on our helmets and armed ourselves with our alpine axes and flares. My heart was thumping and blood was rushing; this intense feeling was interrupted by laughter. We found out the following day that a bunch of teens had hiked around the lake in the dark. These kids went through our stashed camp stuff while we where gone and stole headlamps and flares. Victims of theft all the way out here... unbelievable... Anyway, the hike to the glacier felt long but the scenery is awesome. Once on the glacier, the north face reveals itself; it looks steep. From close, the grade isn't as impressive. Climbing under blue-sky definitely added a nice touch and a sense of safety. At the top, the view is stunning, as you would expect it to be from this very lofty mountain. I couldn't believe I was standing on the summit of Mount Joffre; me, little Jo. That moment was the highlight of the day; now, we had to return to the car. The hike back was very long. I remember the last trudge around the lake, it was brutal. To this day, I have never experienced such fatigue and pain. I suffered inflammation in my knees and eventually my hips. Joffre marked my seventh scramble in eight days (one day of approach).
gravel flats

Mount Joffre from the gravel flats.

best view of joffre

The best view of Joffre is from Mount Cordonnier.

visible up-track

An up-track is visible on the north glacier (picture taken in 2011).

roping up

Stepping onto the glacier, the north face appears very steep.

north face

A closer look at the summit plod.

almost there

Right on buddies, we're there!

at the top

South-east view and Mount Abruzzi, right of center.

summit view

Looking south-west towards Limestone Lakes.

our ascent

Looking down on the approach.

coming down

On the way down the steep bit.
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