Hospital Peak GR:092912 

elevation: 2,537 m. height gain: 1,520 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/7

Drive on Golden Donald Upper Road, turn right on Barber Road then left on Oster Road. Park at the trailhead for Hospital Creek FSR, 033883; a restriction on motorized vehicles is in effect from may to end of august. Hike or bike the logging road to the second set of switchbacks, 045897. An abandoned road leaves the switchback and drops down to the creek, there's no bridge. Soon after climbing on the other side, I found my way up the lightly timbered west slopes. I recommend to slightly veer climber's right until you find yourself on a rib, 057895. This south-west facing rib becomes narrower and bluffy as you near the ridge. The left hand side is not an option: steep slabs. It is possible to carefully work your way around bluffs to the right, not droping too far down from the rib to gain the top of a gully which leads to a prominence, 060899. The ridge is mostly treed with a few minor dips. A false summit, 079913, can be circumvented high on the south side to reach the summit ridge.

There is also another way (via northern slopes) described by Golden Hikes.

west slopes

The start of the west slopes to the ridge.

taking a break

Leaving my bike down at the creek.
Snowshoe trip: RT 8.5. Biked from the house and left pretty early, 6:30. The forecast called for a high of 18C. and the low was 4C. I wondered how much post-holing would be involved, I was betting on having stiffer snow on the ridge due to wind-affect. Some sections of snow before the bluffs proved to be isothermic even with snowshoes, but the rocky rib was mostly free of snow. Once on the ridge I put the snowshoes on again but this time the travelling was better. I had to stay close to shaded areas and away from open terrain to avoid punching through; that's when I started reconsidering my return this way! But I plodded on to the summit aware of other possible descents. Traversing the south slopes of the false summit was yet another exciting moment. I was hurrying and side-slipping with the snowshoes, trying to stay as close to the bluffs above, atop the sun baked snow. I ended up climbing around the back before gaining the connecting ridge to avoid more traversing. The summit was quickly reached from there. To shorten my descent off the ridge and eliminate the possibility of post-holing the whole way back, I bee-lined down steep, treed north-east slopes (I knew some cutblocks and the main road were below). That was probably the best call; the descent was quick, gravity helped compensate for the soft snow and eventually I ended up on a skid road at the top of Moberly Lookout (where a local snowmobile touring company takes clients for cookies and hot chocolate). The lengthy walk back to my bike was enjoyable considering it was firm, the weather was nice and it was nearly over!

to gain the ridge

Where the west slopes meet the ridge.

fuzzy ascent ridge

Fuzzy west ridge seen from the summit.

at the top

A tripod can be useful for good pics.

connecting ridge

I traversed high to avoid the open slope.


The repeater at the summit, looking north towards Hedberg Peak.


Speedy descent off the ridge onto an old logging road.

pruny foot

Very pruny foot; as if you need to see that!
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