Hornecker, Mount GR:852595

elevation: 2,271 m. height gain: 170 m. (140 m. loss)
area: South Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/1

Via Windy Peak's south facing slopes.
hornecker and livingstone

Mount Hornecker and Mount Livingstone in the background.
Hike: RT 6.0 (including Windy twice); 40 min. up. Mount Hornecker is very close to Windy Peak and it requires minimal effort to reach it. Descending Windy's south facing slopes is pleasantly easy, I quickly reached the valley. I was able to avoid most of the snow as I crossed over to the shady ascent slope. Following game trails on the talus slope rendered the climb almost effortless. As I neared a bluff, Fab called on the radio to announce I was very close. Once atop the bluff, I walked along the short summit ridge to the cairn at the top. I yelled at Fab and the dogs, took a few pictures and promptly headed back, looking forward to hanging out at the sunpit. We rarely share summit stays with the dogs, it's always very special to have them around. While climbing back Windy, each dog came down to greet me. From the top of Hornecker, it only took 30 minutes to rejoin with Fab. Still early in the afternoon, we enjoyed the moment and the view. Time flew as we watched the sun migrate. At 4 PM, we decided to head back. Our return was fun, the dogs really liked it here. After a short drive, we set up camp and ate a good meal around a fire.
dropping down

Dropping down easily.

talus slope

Short talus ascent slope.

bluff near the top

I gained the ridge crest climber's left of the bluff.

ridge crest

The ridge crest.

summit cairn

Summit cairn ahead.

the prairies

View east.

saddle mountain

Saddle Mountain's double summit.


Heading back to Windy Peak.

almost back at the sunpit

Almost back at the "sunpit".


A great place for a snooze but Rupert still wants to fetch!

lincoln taking a nap

Lincoln doesn't mind resting in the sun.

nice to have the doggies

Daisy is always keeping an eye out and Rupert still waits...

heading back

Almost 4 PM, I guess we should go back...

throwing more stick

Throwing the stick again, we like the grassy terrain.

truck is visible

Nice view of the route, we can see the truck.

leaving the ridge

Leaving the lovely ridge behind.

last sunrays

Enjoying the last sunrays as we near the truck.

kibble time

It's snowing the following morning at Willow Creek's camping area; kibble time!
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