Hood, Mount

elevation: 2,903 m. height gain: 1,300 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/11

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
near the start

Crossing King Creek.
Scramble: RT 8.0; 4.5 up. Awesome weather, great scramble and view. We were expecting some difficulty on the approach after reading several trip reports but found it quite straightforward and pleasant. The first bit in the canyon is easy to follow and offers good photo opportunities at several (nearly ten) creek crossings; bring poles! At the obvious junction, we crossed the creek and found a good trail on the east side of the drainage heading north. The trail stayed above the alder mostly on the same side until higher up, where it opens up. At the head of the creek, the grassy slope and headwall are welcoming sights. The upper mountain was still snowbound and strewn with avalanche debris. We decided to avoid the gully. The ascent in the snow wasn't bad, the snow was soft and offered good purchase. The last stretch to the top was a little intimidating. A section sluffed every footstep, as we stomped nice foot holds down to ice. Once at the top, we took several pictures. The increasing wind and lack of room made for a short stay. We carefully backtracked on ever softening snow. We took a break on the grassy slope to dry our socks. Returning is surprisingly fast. We got good laughs; higher water made the crossings slightly more exciting in the afternoon! We liked Mount Hood.
wet wood

Several log crossings test our balance.

saw some anchors and rope

Along the creek, vertical walls still hold blue ice.


At the junction, we cross the creek and head north (left) on a good trail.

further up the drainage

The terrain opens up.


The headwall, a beautiful goat area.


Looking back at the fine grassy approach.

getting a good look

Getting closer to the upper mountain.

close up

A close up view of our route to the summit ridge.

no gully today

Avoiding the gully.

ok travel

Aiming for the avalanche debris to climb to the ridge. 

it's warm on the snow

Fabrice is keeping some distance.

quick height gain

Nearing the summit ridge.

fab's following

Looking back.

last stretch

The summit ridge.

little run-out

Staying close to the rock for the last bit.


Voilą!  At the top with Mount Packenham behind me.


The ascent ridge and Mount Brock.

softer snow

Heading back down.


Many, many goats around the headwall.

fun way around

We enjoyed funny moments on the way back down King Creek.

glad to have poles

The water is flowing faster!

be careful...

Concentration required...
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