Hedberg Peak GR:066963

elevation: 2,656 m. height gain: 800 m. (from the landing)
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/7

Drive up Golden Donald Upper Road, turn right on Barber Road then left on Oster Road. Park at the snowmobile trailhead for Hospital Creek FSR. Bike, quad or sled the logging road to a side branch called Railway (signed in winter), 064922. Follow to the landing and park, 069937. Ascend the cutblock and forest generally heading north-west to the saddle and connecting ridge, 065941. Continue (north-east) along the ridge to a sub peak. The pleasant broad ridge leads to the summit block. To reach the ridge crest, buttresses are circumvented climber's left with a little scrambling. The summit ridge is narrow and exposed at times. The top is at the far end.
at the landing

At the landing in less than half an hour from our house.
Snowshoe trip: RT: 7.0; 4.25 up. After a long break due to blistery cold weather and high avalanche hazard, it was refreshing to get back out. We decided on a local outing we had already researched, success was uncertain... The appeal was that we would leave the house on snowmobiles and reach the landing quickly. Despite the chance of not standing atop, we set out for this mystery trip. From the saddle we predicted travel would be good and it was. Although it was mostly cloudy, we enjoyed familiar sights. As we got closer, we wondered if we would be able to proceed to the top; we continued. Nearing the summit block, it became apparent that we would need to go around some buttresses and scramble to gain the ridge crest. We traded snowshoes for crampons. Once on the ridge, Fab expressed it still wasn't "in the bag". A couple of dips interrupted the narrow, snowy ridge. He probed the way across to the far end and summit. I followed, aware that this was not the place for a blunder... We soon stood on the top. Yahoo, first one of the year. Returning was fast, especially the last part. From the sleds, within half an hour we were lounging with the dogs! This local peak is exhilarating and we are very pleased with the adventure.

Top of the cutblock.

in the trees

Typical terrain.

at the saddle

At the saddle, heading north-east towards a sub peak.

summit in sight

The objective on the left.

good travelling

Good travelling along the ridge.

broad ascent ridge

A minor dip from the sub peak.

columbia valley

Sun over the Columbia Valley.

looking back

Looking back.

still uncertain...

It is still a mystery whether we'll reach the top...

rock buttresses

Rock buttresses are circumverted climber's left.

crampons on

Exchanging snowshoes and poles for crampons and alpine axe.

a bit of scrambling

Gaining the summit ridge.

summit ridge

The summit is at the far end.

nearing the top

Fab probes the whole way along the narrow summit ridge.


First of the year, right in our backyard.

moberly and ski hill

Moberly Peak and the ski hill across the valley.

impressive unnamed

An impressive unnamed peak to the north-west.

jo at the top

Thrilled to be standing here, exhilarating!


Leaving the top.

carefully backtracking

Carefully backtracking in the exact same footsteps.

narrow ridge

The summit ridge is narrow and exposed at times.

more narrow ridge

More of this intimidating ridge.

steep sides

Sheer west side.

short downclimb

Almost back at the snowshoes below.

not that bad

Coming down from the summit ridge.

straightforward from here

The approach ridge and Hospital Peak in the background.

summit block

Last look at the summit block.

hospital creek

Hospital Creek and the town of Golden.


Nearing the descent in the trees.

fast return

Our sleds are visible.
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