Heart Mountain & Grant MacEwan Peak

elevation: 2,135 m. & 2,149 m. height gain: 875 m.
area: Exshaw,AB map 82 O/3
1996-Jun; 2011-Apr-10 (pictures)

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
heart mountain

Heart Mountain.
Scramble: RT 5.0; 3.5 up (excluding Twin Towers) Heart Mountain is a fine shoulder season scramble, the trail is typically dry. This year the mountains received plenty of snow and last weeks' 30 cm just added to the pile!  Fab and I have done the Heart Mountain Loop a long time ago. At the time, with no website, we didn't feel the urge to take pictures. Now that we are coming back this way, with the intent of climbing the Twin Towers, I will redeem myself. Even with snow, people come this way for good exercise and a great view. The trail was well packed and having crampons was nice on the stiff morning snow. Soon after a couple of easy rock steps we stood on the treed summit of Heart Mountain. We continued walking to a dip where all traffic ended; Grant MacEwan Peak came in sight. We strapped on the snowshoes and followed the connecting ridge to the highpoint of the horseshoe loop. We won't be doing the loop, instead we will carry on towards the Twin Towers and return the same way. First, we'll take time to enjoy the surroundings from this newly named peak!
enjoying the ascent

Straightforward and popular ascent.

easy crux

Approaching the moderate step.

easier with snow

Not much of a step with the snow.

getting closer

Nearing the summit.

another trail marker

Trail marker indicating a ledge.

at the top

Top of Heart Mountain with Twin Towers in the background.

connecting ridge

The start of the connecting ridge to Grant MacEwan Peak.

grant macewan

Grant MacEwan and the continuing horseshoe loop (left).

on the ridge

Further along the ridge.

almost there

Almost there.

top of heart mountain loop

At the top of Grant MacEwan Peak.

looking back

Looking back towards Heart Mountain.

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