Harlech Peak

elevation: 2,650 m. height gain: 970 m.
area: Radium,BC map 82 K/9-10

Via Welsh Lakes. Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley.
Just before reaching the first, lower lake, a cairn indicates a faint trail that shortcuts to Aberystwyth Lake, the fourth of the Welsh Lakes. We aimed for the north-east end of the lake and continued towards the Glamorgan/Harlech Col. The summit is easily reached.


We reach the trailhead as the sun rises.
Scramble: RT 9.25 (including Merioneth Peak); 3.75 up. Welsh Lakes area is one of Radium's gems; we love this place and keep coming back. The aqua blue lakes, of different hues, are stunning especially when viewed from above. When the larches turn yellow, the scenery is magnificent. The surrounding mountains are beautiful and most can be scrambled. One drawback worth mentioning is the long access on a gravel road, the last 1.6 kilometers requires a high clearance vehicle. Our intention was to try to reach the summit of both Harlech and Merioneth; pictures from other trips and Google Earth suggested it would be straightforward. We also had our eyes on Glamorgan Peak, we hoped we would see an inviting way up. Shortcutting to Aberystwyth Lake was simple, we came across a faint trail and some flagging. We hiked along a pond, just north of the lake and left the beautiful larches behind; or did we... A single tall specimen stood in its glory, indicating our ascent gully to the col. From there, most of the height was gained with the summit of Harlech close by. We continued to the top, looking back at Glamorgan often; that mountain appears difficult to ascend... For the first day of the fall season, the temperature was warm and there was no wind; we stayed at the top to grab some food and discuss other possible ascents. After a good break, we carried on towards Merioneth Peak.

old road

The trail begins on an old road.

pretty ponds

Pretty ponds along the way.

nearing the headwall

Larches are more numerous as we near the headwall.

first lake

Before the lower lake, we took a shortcut that heads straight to Aberystwyth Lake.

shortcut to aberystwyth lake

A faint trail and some flagging indicate the way.

beautiful larches

At this time of the year, beautiful yellow larches make this outing spectacular.

skirting a pond

Skirting a small pond just north of Aberystwyth Lake.

larches mirror in the pond

Tall larches mirror in the pond.

glamorgan/harlech col

Glamorgan/Harlech Col.

looking back

Looking back.

aiming for the lone larch

Aiming for the lone tall larch you can see at ridgeline (right).

going up the gully

Going up a gully just below the vibrant yellow lone larch.

welsh lakes

Three of the Welsh Lakes are visible; the upper lake is hidden behind the moraine, top right.

easy ascent

Easy ascent to the top of Harlech Peak.

south-western view

Glamorgan Peak is the dark spiny summit in the foreground. Carmarthen and North Star Peaks (left and center) and Gwendoline Mountain far right.

at the top

At the top with Mount Ethelbert to the north.

ridge walk to merioneth

Nice ridge walk to Merioneth Peak.

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