Guanaco Peak

elevation: 2,127 m.  height gain: 900 m. (from Zum Peak Rec Site)
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Steven's Peak-Bagging Journey

zum peak rec site

Parked on the road near Zum Peak's Rec Site, it is possible to continue beyond this point.
Scramble: RT 7.0 (includes Vicuna Peak attempt); 3.5 up. This Canada Day, I chose to return to the Coquihalla Region, hoping to find respite from the extreme heat. I drove to the Zum Peak Rec Site and parked on the road. I decided against continuing further after reading reports of deteriorating road conditions. Instead, I brought my bike for the rest of the approach to the trailhead. The road is overgrown further up, and there's a couple of creek crossings; however, it is feasible to drive a couple of additional kilometers. The trailhead is well-marked, but there's lots of deadfall concealing the path in places. Higher up, the trail was very wet, and snow patches lingered here and there. Near Vicuna Peak's slab face, visibility diminished as I climbed into low-lying clouds. I continued on the trail to the col and veered towards Vicuna Peak. The route along the ridge is straightforward, granting moderate scrambling at first. I made it to the roped section without difficulty, but the upper part of the crux proved too risky; consequently, I turned around and focused my attention on Guanaco Peak. Guanaco's ascent is easy; nonetheless, it requires care to remain on the right path. When I reached the top, the clouds slowly dissipated; I stayed for a while and waited to get a view. When I descended from the top, the scenery was unvailed. Vicuna Peak is stunning; too bad I wasn't able to surmount the 4th class step... The remainder of my return was uneventful other than losing the trail on a couple of occasions. By now, the heat of the day was upon me. The bike ride back was slow. I was thrilled to see the truck; I drove off with the AC. It was a fine day in the mountains despite failing to gain the remarkable summit of Vicuna Peak.

overgrown road

Further up, the road is overgrown.

creek crossings

There's a couple of creek crossings to negotiate.


The trailhead is well-marked.

decent trail

The trail is decent but there's lots of deadfall.

soggy trail

The trail was very soggy as I neared Vicuna Peak.

boulder field

Entering a small boulder field.

natural staircase

This is a very neat boulder; I climbed the natural staircase.

vicuna peak

Approaching Vicuna Peak's impressive slab face.

circumventing the slabs

Circumventing the slabs towards Vicuna-Guanaco Col.

hiking into the clouds

Hiking into the clouds.

small waterfall

A small waterfall along the way.

nearing the col

The Vicuna-Guanaco Col ahead.

heading to guanaco

Heading to Guanaco Peak after a failed attempt on Vicuna Peak.

easy ascent

A bit of route finding renders this ascent easy.

summit cairn

The summit is engulfed in low-lying cloud.

sun above the cloud layer

After a while, the sun appears above the cloud layer.

mountains are still obscured

The surrounding mountains are still shrouded by clouds.

heading down

Heading back down.

vicuna comes into view

Vicuna Peak is slowly unvailed.

looking back

Looking back at Guanaco Peak.

remarkable summit horn

Remarkable summit horn.


Backtracking to the small waterfall.

along the slab face

Hiking along the slab face with Zum Peak on the left.

soggy trail

Getting my feet wet again on the soggy trail.

back on the road

Back on the road.
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