Grizzly Peak D (Loveland-Bakerville Traverse)

elevation: 4,093 m.
height gain: 260 m. (from Cupid)
area: Loveland Pass,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Grays Peak, CO

leaving cupid

Leaving Cupid.
Scramble: RT 13.0 (includes Cupid, Torreys and Grays); 1.5 up from Cupid. After circling like dogs in a whiteout on the broad summit of Cupid and having to use our navigational tools for orientation, the sun started to occasionally shine through the fascinating multi-layered clouds. We continued along the connecting ridge. As we proceeded, visibility improved and wind seemed to diminish as well. With better conditions, we charged on with renewed enthusiasm. We started seeing Grizzly Peak when the clouds lifted; following a drop to the saddle, a steep ascent awaited. During the climb, we tried to stay on rock as much as possible and took turns postholing up snow-drifted pockets. After a good grunt, we topped out on the summit. The weather kept improving, from Grizzly we could see the significant descent to the saddle between our next objective, Torreys Peak. The top of the tall mountain, a 14er, remained shrouded in cloud making an appearance at times. Our traverse looked promising but it also became apparent that by continuing, our level of commitment was increasing. With implied understanding of that matter, we carried on towards Torreys and Grays Peaks.

time out

Time out.

looking back

Looking back at Loveland Pass U.S. 6.

finally some sun

The sun makes an appearance!

visibility is improving

Visibility is improving.

grizzly ahead

Grizzly Peak comes into view.


Postholing up Grizzly's steep slopes.

looking back

The route we have travelled so far with Cupid on the right.

nearing the top

Nearing the top of Grizzly Peak.

a bit more postholing

A bit more postholing required.

a basin ski area again

Looking at A Basin ski area again.

losing visibility momentarely

Losing visibility momentarily.

tim at the top

Tim reaches the top.

summit picture

Take the picture already!

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