Griffin, Mount

elevation: 2,159 m.
height gain: 1,350 m. (from 2.5 kms in)
area: Three Valley Gap,BC
map 82 L/15

From highway 1, drive along Three Valley Lake. Look for the 3Val-Mabel FSR, 958432; park or continue depending on whether it's a weekday, you have a 2-way radio, and such. Go 400 meters and turn right then turn left after 360 meters. Stay on the main road; at 952413, switchback, then at 944430, switchback again. Continue for 2.4 kilometers and stay right at 941410. Turn right shortly thereafter, 941411. Follow that road to the landing, 927422. From there, ascend the cutblock and continue climbing in the forest keeping a north-westerly bearing until you gain a saddle on the east ridge, 916436. Follow the ridge to the summit.

parking lower down

Logging trucks are hauling; with no 2-way radio, I chose to park lower down.
Snowshoe trip: RT 12.0; 8.0 up. As I continue to research possible outings west of the Rocky Mountains, Mount Griffin caught my attention. Revelstoke grants numerous beautiful peaks but they are typically accessed by logging roads that are snowbound during the winter months. After calculating distances for this objective, I figured it would be feasible to reach the summit in a day and come back down the next. I wasn't surprised to see the 3Val-Mabel FSR plowed for active hauling but that made little difference as it was a weekday and I don't have a 2-way radio. I ventured 2.5 kilometers and decided to park well out of the way. I hiked an additional 4 kilometers before veering on the secondary service road; luckily, snowmobilers had packed it down. Another 4 kilometers took me to the landing where I came across a skier's uptrack. I followed it up the cutblock but once it entered the forest, I decided to forgo the track to execute a direct ascent. At times I came upon sled tracks, I used them if they went in the right direction; otherwise, trail-breaking depth was boot-top. It took me over 5 hours to gain Mount Griffin's east ridge. I was happy to see sled tracks along the ridge and gladly followed them right near the summit block. I was on my own for the last steep bit. As I gained the top, the western sky was still orange from the sunset. After taking pictures and erecting my tent, I settled in. My stay on this summit was comfortable; it was windy but not too cold. The following day, I easily made my way back down in half the time. This was a very good winter outing on a nice summit!

three valley gap

Looking towards Three Valley Gap.

secondary service road

After approximately 6.5 kilometers on the active road, I veered onto this secondary service road.

looking back

Looking back as I near the landing of a large cutblock.

coming across an uptrack

I came across an uptrack!

top of the cutblock

I followed the uptrack to the top of the cutblock.

sled tracks in the forest

In the forest, I opted to use sled tracks when they went my way.

boot-top trail breaking

Otherwise, the depth of trail breaking was boot-top.

nicely spaced trees

The trees are nicely spaced for snowmobiling.

boulder mountain

A nice view of Boulder Mountain from Griffin's east ridge.

broad east ridge

There's many sled tracks on the broad ridge.

the summit comes into view

The summit comes into view.

final ascent

There's a small dip before the final ascent.

north side

Possibility of nice ski runs down the north side.

heavily rimmed trees

The trees are heavily rimmed near the summit.

summit ahead

Summit ahead.

west ridge

View along the west ridge.

northern view

The northern view beyond Eagle Pass Mountain.

looking south

Looking south over my tent.

south-eastern view

South-eastern view includes Blanket and Cranberry Mountains.

anstey range

The Anstey Range to the north-west.

in my tent

Comfortable in my tent.

mount begbie

Revelstoke's gem, Mount Begbie.

eastern view

Boulder Mountain and Revelstoke are roughly to the east.

mabel lake

Mabel Lake.

heading back down

Heading back down.
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