Grays Peak (Loveland-Bakerville Traverse)

elevation: 4,349 m.  height gain: 165 m. (from Torreys Peak)
area: Loveland Pass,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Grays Peak, CO

leaving torreys peak

Leaving Torreys Peak for Grays Peak, our fourth and last objective.
Hike: RT 13.0 (includes Cupid, Grizzly and Torreys); 1.25 up from Torreys. It had been a great day so far, the weather had improved giving way to stellar conditions and we had traversed three summits without mishap. We peeled ourselves from the summit of Torreys Peak to complete our journey. After dipping down yet another saddle, we tackled the last climb of the day. Grays Peak's ascent didn't appear to be as long as Torreys' but by then, we were feeling the mileage in our legs. We carried on each at our own pace. The ascent was fairly pleasant on firm snow mostly, I enjoyed the consistency and direct approach. Near the top, we regrouped before walking onto the fourth and final summit of the traverse. The sense of accomplishment could not be understated, we were elated!! Another break followed with tons of pictures and much cheer but not before too long, we started to consider the lengthy return to my truck that we had left in Bakerville to complete this shuttle-assisted trip. The descent down Grays was speedy, we even glissaded a short section. Up to now, we hadn't needed to use the snowshoes but we did strap them on for the last stretch to the summer trailhead; I don't know that it was entirely necessary but we avoided the unpredictable posthole that way. We had another quick break at the summer trailhead. The rest of the trip on the road was relatively short and casual, we knew we'd arrive before having to get the headlamps out. We talked about miscellaneous stuff and politics of course! I will always remember this outstanding loop with my two Colorado besties, so glad to have had the opportunity to get to know them both!! XX

chihuahua gulch

South-western view over Chihuahua Gulch.

grays peak

Grays Peak is very straightforward.

looking back

Looking back at Torreys Peak.

mount edwards, evans and bierstadt

Mount Edwards (left), Mounts Evans and Bierstadt to the east.

looking back again

Looking back again.

almost there

Almost there.

reaching the top

Tim reaches the top of the easy 14er.

summit picture

Happy crew enjoying the view ...and the feat.

view south

View south over Ruby Mountain and Santa Fe Peak.

breckenridge's ski area

South-western view with Brenckenridge's ski area.

view north

View north and Stevens Gulch, our exit.

torreys peak again

Torreys Peak again.

leaving grays peak

Leaving the lofty viewpoint.

chasing tim

Chasing Tim down the mountain!

kelso mountain

Kelso Mountain and Stevens Gulch.

last glimpse

Last glimpse towards Grays and Torreys.

skirting kelso mountain

Skirting Kelso Mountain.

summer trailhead

Reaching the summer trailhead.

house on beams

House on beams on the road out to Bakerville.
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