Grainger, Mount

elevation: 1,805 m. height gain: 700 m.
area: Canal Flats,BC map 82 J/4

Follow Whiteswan FSR to the south side of Grainger. At 923548, there is a good gravel road climbing in a westerly direction, park here (lots of room) or continue if snow free. I followed the main road bypassing several other roads that head towards the south ridge, connecting to a high trail. This trail is seen on Google Earth. I left the main road where I could see clearings going up towards the high trail, around 913576. I shortly reached the trail and followed it to the end; there is an old biffy. From there it is a quick ascent to the summit where there is an old collapsed shack.
old biffy at the end of the road

Snowshoe trip: RT 4.5. Nice day and nice hike with the pup to a small summit.

The biffy at the end of the road.

slope after the road

The slope at the end of the road is ascended to the top.

still firm at the top

The snow at the top is still firm.

collapsed shack at the top

The collapsed shack at the top.

sabine and fir behind

Mount Sabine and part of Mount Marion across the valley.

mount glenn

Mount Glenn looking east.

link loving it

Poppers doing great and loving it.
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